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Important tip re: Hitfilm 3 Express and video formats

17 November 2015 - 02:49 AM

This may be old news to everyone, but after having to deal with this recently I figured I'd drop in and mention it here, what with the Express version being free n' all.


Hitfilm is a non-linear editor, and apparently most NLEs choke on so-called "delivery" formats like WMV, MOV, or the like.  My own experience is that WMV doesn't work so good, and AVI (the only non-.webm format MovieStorm exports) is a total coin flip.  They'll import them, but once you actually try to play them back from within the editor or do any actual editing, you'll have all sorts of problems like lag, stuttering, or (in my case) completely mismatched audio.


The solution is to use an "editing" format (I use .m2ts), as spelled out here;




and, as an aside, I use the excellent V2V (aka "Video2Video") program; it converts pretty much any video format to any other video format, and ditto for audio (and it doesn't trip my virus scanner like Any Video Converter does; apparently the newer versions have spyware).  It also works in batches, which was damn handy when I had to convert an entire directory of .ogg files to .wav format (...did I mention HitFilm doesn't do .ogg?).

Trelby: Free screenwriting software

02 October 2015 - 04:48 AM

Hey folks,


So I took a browse of various alternatives to Final Draft and its ilk and was sad to see that most of the low-cost/free alternatives were browser-based or otherwise online-only.  After a bit more digging, though, I found Trelby:






On lip-synching audio dialogue

29 September 2015 - 07:41 PM

So, I thought I ran into a bug last night but it turned out to be "as intended".  However, it's very easy to think this is a bug and waste time trying to "fix" it, so I thought I'd mention it here.


When using the "Say" action on an actor, the dialog that opens offers you a space to type in the dialogue spoken, as well as link it to an audio file.  Any text typed here will show up on the timeline, so it makes for a good reference point.


However, if there is text in this box, Moviestorm will use it for the lip-synch and completely ignore any attached audio.


For example, if I attach an audio file of a lengthy monologue, then type the first line of said monologue into the text box (what I actually did, and why I'm posting this) just for reference, then the actor will mouth that first line of dialogue, and that first line only.  They will not synch to the audio at all.


If you leave the text box blank, however, Moviestorm will synch to the audio file instead.  Best practice, obviously, is to have both text and audio match exactly... but sometimes this is not feasible, so it's good to know the default behavior in such cases.




If I Had a Nickel...

18 September 2015 - 06:00 PM

I've recently started a series of humorous shorts called "If I Had a Nickel", poking at common, recurring annoyances in my life.  The first two installments, "The Date" and "The Recording Session", can be found on my YouTube channel (link in my .sig).

Weird Export bug

17 September 2015 - 05:43 AM

So, I was working on a new video tonight and something odd happened.


Exported it as a WebM High at 1920x1080 - roughly a forty-second clip.  It played fine in the Cutting Room, but the export cut off the last two seconds or so.  Tried again, and it gave me the full soundtrack, but dropped the last few frames so that the film seemed to freeze while the sound played.  Importing the clip into AVS4YOU caused it to hang during caching, which is the sign of a bum clip.


So I tacked a few seconds more on, and the export rendered all of the video, but cut off the last second or so of audio.  Finally, I used the Legacy Export and rendered it as an AVI, and everything was fine.


I've rendered videos upwards of five minutes before, and in the last few attempts I closed Moviestorm and re-opened it before exporting to make sure I wasn't running out of memory.


I've attached the project file for perusal.


Also, on another note, has the ability to custom-place credits been fixed/removed?  In my first couple of videos I was able to place text at the bottom of the screen by hitting the Enter key a few times in the edit window for Left/Right Credits, but tonight that didn't work.