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Fantastic 4 Sequel

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#1 Monaque



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Posted 13 August 2015 - 08:59 PM

Spoilers Ahead - Read At Your Own Risk



this is an idea for a Fantastic 4 sequel, after watching the first one, a sold called reboot, i thought i could do better.






Fantastic  4 - Sequel

Film 2 - No Title



Occulus – Alien, Energy powers from crystals, Gem replaced eye can fire energy, absorb energy from the death of other people.

Puppet Master – Brilliant Biologist, exceptional craftsman, puppet maker supreme, some psionic ability.




Doom is gone, and in his place a huge hole in the earth. They called it a natural disaster but not everyone agrees with the governments cover up. Philip Masters is a brilliant Biologist but his role in the Inter Dimensional Travel Device (IDTD) was of engineer and craftsman not researcher. His social disorder makes him a loner, an outsider, and as he sits at home creating his puppets he becomes embittered with the government and the F4 who he sees as the real reason it all happened.


Many things are different now, the hole in the earth has pockets of unusual substances, some of the energy from Planet Zero has also made it back here. People with odd abilities are appearing, like Masters. There is also some civil disorder and criminals see a way to make money, so the 4 are kept busy helping.


Masters finds clay that has turned so radioactive he can use it to bring his puppets to life, so he makes his puppets look like the people he hates and finds that he can control them using a Psionic ability that he has because the clay contains trace amounts of Green Energy and it has affected him.


Meanwhile the F4 are in their new lab, but they find it hard to recreate their early success, and the tensions that arose between them when they gained their powers resurfaces. Public opinion is divided over them. Jonnie was all for being open and willing to let the public see them, while the Thing wants to hide, stay away from public scrutiny, especially after his work for the government is made known. Reed and Sue try to build something and in doing so become closer, which doesn`t go over well with the other two. After a year they are still to see any of their other ideas really work and the stress of it all becomes evident - the 4 start to fall apart.


As they bicker Philip Masters becomes ever more disillusioned and vengeful. His experiments become as bitter and dark as he is. His new lifelike puppets, that he controls using his Psionic ability, he uses against the F4. He pays special attention to Sue Storm, singling her out and using a puppet of Reed to control him. She sees something she hasn`t seen in Reed before, something she wants to see. She is taken in and falls under the puppets spell, and then Masters uses Reed as a puppet to pull her away from the group. He does the same with all of them in differing degrees, fragmenting them until they turn on each other.


Meanwhile, while Reed is under the control of Masters his desperation to discover something to show the government he wasn`t a one hit wonder becomes magnified. He discovers a way to direct the IDTD to other planets and finding one, sends himself there without telling the others. He finds himself at another planet and immediately knows something is different, Masters` control over him has gone. Regardless he now finds himself on a planet containing crystals, he takes some home with him but someone else boards the IDTD with him without his knowledge: Occulus.

Occulus exits the device with Reed but while Reed immediately starts to examine the crystal, finding it full of subatomic energy, Occulus kills a human and finds he can absorb their energy. He realizes he is powerful here, and he grows stronger.  Reed discovers the dead co-worker and then Occulus himself, realizing that he must have transported him back to earth he tries to make amends by stopping him but fails, Occulus escapes.


The Puppet Master (Masters) can only control one person at a time and Reed understands what has been happening to him and the others, that there is some kind of mind control at the heart of it. He invents a device that disrupts the control and frees them all.


Reed tells the others what he has done, the crystal and Occulus and the mind control, and they realize that they have to work together. Sue tells Reed what happened to her, that Reed was a different man under Masters control, and he realizes he has to change if he wants her, that they all have to change now that they are a team.

Occulus finds Masters and recruits him, finding his puppets a useful distraction as his designs on earth grow.  Masters can`t control the 4 any more but he can work on other people, people in important positions, and Occulus and Masters wreak havoc.


The F4 find themselves together again, and putting aside their differences they fight Occulus but he is now too strong for them because he has absorbed so much energy and because he is working with Masters. Masters sees that and experiences a moment of clarity, sees Occulus for what he is, someone who is just using Masters for his own ends. So he decides to help the 4 instead, giving them information that enables them to defeat Occulus in a final battle - in which Masters dies - and where Occulus is banished using the IDTD. (Negative Zone, Planet Zero?)






Well, that`s a start, needs a lot of work and it`s only a sketch at present. Or maybe it`s just a mad moment on my part.

thanks for looking.


#2 KieranRae95



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Posted 31 August 2015 - 02:40 PM

Not many people reply on this forum - I figure it's my job to change that.


I actually think your idea is really promising. It's exiting, dark and thematically complex.


Only you know where it's going - but I would say the weakest area here is the motivation behind your two villains.


The new film, for all its faults, raised a few interesting questions about the ethics, joys and dangers of science - if your villains continue in that pursuit, this could be a very successful plot line indeed.


My advice as a screenwriter would be really become your villains, why are they doing this, what do they feel  - and is it entertaining enough for the world to see, not just you as their creator.


Good luck and great work.

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