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Spy-Thriller idea

amnesia conspiracy escape

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#1 Maskaroth



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Posted 17 January 2017 - 08:22 PM

So, the story is more likely about conspiracy and revenge. Ill tried to draft the story briefly and clearly. 


The story takes place several years into the future, in the late 20s of the XXI.
Main character, International-Reconnaissance ("IR" - fictional CIA child) agent, Nathan Reaver, is on the mission saving Deuxieme Bureau operative from Syria, Alian Moreau, and the informations he gained in Syrian Embassy, about very weird connections and transactions, which leads to few people in the US government. They tried to escape by helicopter, but unknown enemies tracked them down and managed to bring down helicopter by the rocket launcher. After crash, Reaver was the only survivor, but the impact was so hard, that caused him a very strange amnesia. He lost half of his memory.
Afterall, the terrorist found out that he dosent remember who is he, so they began to brainwash him. Reaver gained new memories by pictures, by peoples and especially by drugs. After serval months of training and brainwashing, hes being sent to the Los Angeles, California, to assasinate presidental candidate, who managed to gain very much the same informations as dead Moreau, and wants to deal with the broken government. He is being shoted on the rostrum by the Reaver, who accidentaly saw Secret Service agent, afroamerican Raymond Broady, which was his old friend, and that caused very strong flashback in his head, now he has self doubt. The Terrorist, after well done mission are trying to kill him, but Reaver eventually survives. 
Now. This is the moment where secondary main character enters the story. 
Agent Raymond Broady tried to save his partner, which was killed by the bullet, but didin't suceed. After that, he wants to find out who was the assasin so desperately, that he loses his job due to the regulations and very bad behavior. 
Three hours later on the east coast, a man who is looking exactly like Reaver is assasinating Jappanese magnate in the middle of New York, which was shown in the TV News. Broady asks for help to his ex-girlfriend, Naomi Tyrell, an "IR" operative. He finds out that "IR" is under new management, and by that something weird is happening, because she was sent to the LA to investigate the assassination scene almost immediately. Ultimately, thanks to Naomi, he finds out that the Jappanese magnate and Presidental Candidate were connected in many ways. Meanwhile Reaver must evade his pursuers and the police, because of his "brother" in the New York. Now, he must follow his flashbacks to find out who is he, and what was the real reason of his mission. 
 Both are playing the same game, where the result is very much uknown. 
Any comments, ideas and everything else are welcome. 


Also, sorry for my bad english. 

#2 mloakley


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Posted 03 April 2018 - 01:29 AM

Sounds intriguing. Looking forward to seeing it.


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