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Robot Animations or Dance Moves addon?

04 March 2014 - 07:09 PM

Hello, one of my customers is looking for robot moves like those you see people doing for dancing. Did anyone make those animations, or something similar, yet?

What to do when your open/save MS video list is too long

23 January 2014 - 05:31 PM

Hello Ben, I know you sent me an email on this issue, however I can't find it and I would like to fix this issue because it is troublesome to have to scroll up to find the last path/folder/file. Sometimes I forget and the movie is saved into the one that is showing on the top of the list but it is not really the last one that I had open. What were your instructions? It has something to do with removing the old paths on the list, but I don't remember where to find the list to edit it. Sorry to have to ask you twice.


Omani to teach communication skills with Moviestorm videos.

22 August 2013 - 11:21 PM

I am hoping that Tree will finish his WIP headscarf soon enough to use in my series with Omani characters. In addition to a woman's headscarf, I also need a man's headgear. I am currently using the re-texture hair and adding a scarf image to it. It works, more or less from a distance, however up close it really doesn't look like a headgear at all. Also, as a work around, I am using the white dress and pants from the Indian collection for the garment on the male characters. However, these are not what the Omani ware. I can use them so long as I don't show the pants. They also would look more realistic if they had a belt. I have added some images to this post to show you what I am doing as a work around and what I need. The images of Omani people were sent to me as models to make my avatars from. I am currently making a Proof of Concept POC video with some limitations as I have described, however, my client will want the finished product to look more professional. This is where, Tree and anyone else in the modding community can come in and help a fellow Moviestorm-er out. I will be able to pay for the mods, once I get the contract, when the POC is approved. Oh, by the way, this will be done entirely in Arabic. I have done videos in Spanish without any issues. Has anyone done a MS video in Arabic? If so are there any known issues with the MS lip syncing and Arabic? I was going to add images and then I found out that MS forum didn't take images from my Google Drive. So, the images will have to wait until I have time to move them somewhere else that MS will support. Does anyone have any idea where I can put my images so that I can post them here?

Attached File  Zaid.png   36.25KB   4 downloads
Mr. Zaid, is on their board of directors and I was asked to make an avatar of him, only younger. Our protagonist is Aalam Aamir (World Citizen). Here is a screen shot of Aamir with my headgear work around and avatar modeled after Mr. Zaid. They said this was okay for the POC (demo reel), but would need to be better for the actual series.

Attached File  Aamir_Zaid_V2_closeup.png   832.69KB   0 downloads
This is a close up of Aamir/Zaid.

Attached File  man_dress.jpg   8.05KB   4 downloads
This male Omani is what they would like the characters to look like. They all ware the same clothing, only the headgear and belt are okay for optional patterns. Each sub-group has its own scarf and belt pattern. Please notice that the dress has no pants. The cloth is a finely woven cotton.

Attached File  man_head.jpg   33.83KB   2 downloads
Here he is up close with his headgear.

Attached File  meeting_room.jpg   291.86KB   3 downloads
This is the meeting room they wanted the set to be designed after. The first scene in after dark and that is why the set is so dark. Below is the room with some characters in it.

Attached File  Meeting_Room_2.png   1.11MB   4 downloads

Attached File  abaya1.jpg   11.98KB   5 downloads
This is a photo of an Omani woman and this is what I am looking for. This looks remarkably like Tree's WIP.

Attached File  abaya.jpg   96.3KB   2 downloads
The dress may have detail on the sleeves as in this image.

Attached File  abaya4.jpg   40.15KB   5 downloads
The dress may have detail on the chest as in this image.

Attached File  woman_dress.jpg   54.77KB   2 downloads
Here is another variation, with some nice details down the front and on the sleeves. Notice this head scarf is really like a hood.

Please notice that all the woman's head scarves show their foreheads. All of our current woman's headgear from the AD collection cover the forehead and that is why I cannot use them.

Here are three more examples that they sent to me to show various head scarves.
Attached File  scarf.jpg   10.64KB   5 downloads
Attached File  scarf1.jpg   143.25KB   2 downloads
Attached File  scarf2.jpg   4.47KB   2 downloads

Please let me know if you want to work on this project. I would really appreciate any help that I can get. There are 40 communication skills in the course work. The company, who is paying for this work, has offices in Europe, Africa, Gulf, and Asia.