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Scifi movie idea

scifi space funny violent comedy superhero guns weapons

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#1 AssassinPrime09



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Posted 29 March 2016 - 06:21 PM

So i've had this scifi movie idea for a while and wanted to share it with other people.


First of all,i have to say that this was born as a videogame idea.So would this story become first a videogame and then a movie?Or the opposite?I don't know,but let's talk about it now.


Modal Strafer is a young citizen of the planet Astrax,set in a future made of high technology and propaganda.Modal works as a office worker for a company called Orion Corps,which produces all kinds of technology and even deadly weapons.Modal is also a big fan of comics,his favourite superhero is Captain Nitro.Modal is sick of living in a world made of propaganda,and decide to act bravely like his hero,Captain Nitro.So Modal somehow hijacks a ship and goes in search of a world to be a hero.But Modal,even tough he wants to be a hero,is a coward,and would most likely sacrifice his friends to save himself rather than the opposite.So Modal reaches the planet Nesmeron and meets a group of bandits who wear armors made of wreckage.He tries to beat them but fails and runs away from them.The bandits tell their boss,the fascinating bad guy of the movie named Slyfer,about Modal,and they quickly add him to the list of people to kill.Modal,during his journey,meets other guys,who join him in a team.This starts the story of Modal,his friends,and a bad guy who only wants to kill him for fun.



The Main Team

Modal:human,coward and arrogant.

Cryger:human,amateur assassin who likes to kill

Kordom:alien,doesn't like other people,especially if they're not his same species.

Valtrix and Kartrix:two robots,Valtrix is blue and yellow and he's the goofy one,Kartrix is red and orange and he's the serious and "skilled" one.



Slyfer:human,an idiot who kills people for fun and only wants to be feared.He's also narcissistic.

Pyro:human,he's Slyfer's pyro(as you can tell by his name).He always wears a fireproof heavy armor.

Junkees:Slyfer's goons.They wear armors made of wreckage and have powerful fire weapons.

The villains' base is a big junk on the desert and hot planet Karnyon.


I tried to be synthetic,so remember that this story has a lot more detail and it still needs work.This movie will also have a lot of humor and violence.So,if you like funny jokes and gags,blood and guts,this idea would be interesting for you.

#2 bobowilliam27



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Posted 28 December 2017 - 09:43 AM

Thanks for sharing your idea. You have a wonderful Idea.

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