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User Made Tutorials

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#1 AngriBuddhist


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Posted 16 May 2010 - 09:08 PM

Some users go above and beyond by creating tutorials to help their fellow community members navigate through the processes involved in the Modder's Workshop.

Not everything can be stickied, but, if you've created any sort of Modder's Workshop Tutorial (big, small, text, or video), give us a brief description, the version of Moviestorm it was created for, and leave a link so that it can be found easily.

Please post questions or comments about a tutorial in it's thread, on it's web page, or at it's appropriate location.

#2 LenseOnLife


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Posted 03 June 2014 - 08:12 AM


I notice that this thread is 4 years old and alarmingly empty - so wondering if it is 'current'.

Since I started using MovieStorm / Modders Workshop I have fallen down some potholes and been helped out by Forum Users. During this journey, I have made tutorials so that others would not have to endure the same cuts/scrapes and maybe have an easier learning curve.

There is currently a little over 2.7 Hours of materials spread over 12 tutorials ranging from SketchUp modeling (textures, faces), Video version of Chris' tutorial on MilkShape/Autoanimation, bringing model from SketchUp through MilkShape and animate prop on command in MovieStorm. Basically, tutorials made by a newbie for newbies. They are all up on YouTube - where should I post links to them to make them available for other newbies?


#3 Ben_S


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Posted 03 June 2014 - 10:51 AM

Here might not be a bad place to start.

Some of Moviestorm has been around a while now - 4 to 7 year old tutorials most are probably valid.

It might be worth searching the Modder' forum for topics I've created - some of the hard details have been posted here over the years.

Search results
Ben Sanders
Moviestorm Ltd

#4 LenseOnLife


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Posted 03 June 2014 - 08:37 PM


Here are some tutorials I've created over the last couple of months as I incessantly kept on falling into potholes and been hauled out by Forum Users with very good suggestions and assistance. I thought my journey might be useful for other newbies / geriatrics who might have trouble coming to grips with the basics.

Anyway - for better or for worse - here they are cool.gif

SketchUp Tutorial 01 - Cube and Textures
The first in a series of SketchUp tutorials. In this tutorial, you see how to create a simple cube, colour and texturise it using the prebuilt materials and also by importing an image as a texture.

SketchUp Tutorial 02 - Jar of Strawberry Jam
In this second tutorial we create a simple representation of a jar of strawberry jam using images from an actual jar of jam. Wrapping an image around a cylinder.

SketchUp Tutorial 03 - Mug of Coffee
In this tutorial we use the Follow-Me and the Rotate tools. It builds on the tools introduced in the previous 2 tutorials as well as using 2 new tools - Follow-Me and Rotate..
There is a slight noisy section to the audio between 10 Minutes 18 Seconds and eleven minutes - sorry :-((

SketchUp Tutorial 04 - Electric Kettle
In this tutorial, we build on what was learned in the previous 3 tutorials. No new tools are used, but we look in more detail how a circle is generated, ways of using the move tool to sculpt an object and the importance of the measuring tape.
Finally the importance of faces / edges for 3D objects to be used in animations.

SketchUp Tutorial 05 - Export from SketchUp to MovieStorm Modders Workshop
In this tutorial, we take the mug of coffee generated in a previous tutorial and export it to MovieStorm Animation package; preserving surface colours and making the colours configurable within MovieStorm.

SketchUp Tutorial 06 - Export from SketchUp to MovieStorm - Texture
A step through the process of exporting a prop from SketchUp to MovieStorm and how to integrate it using the Modders Workshop. Building on Tutorial - 05 by looking at Textures as well as colours

SketchUp Tutorial 07 - Export from SketchUp to MovieStorm (Advanced) - File Structure
In this tutorial we look in detail at the file structure used to store models / props and how we can arrange our models / props within subdirectories for easier administration.

08 SketchUp2MovieStorm4Animation Part 1 (SketchUp)
This is Part-1 of a 3-part tutorial on the process required to bring a model from SketchUp to the MovieStorm Modders Workshop so that it can be animated. In this part, we create a set of split doors that will be capable of opening out - eventually on command within a set in the MovieStorm package. It is long, almost 40 minutes when all 3 parts of this tutorial are completed ... but well worth the effort biggrin.gif

08 SketchUp2MovieStorm4Animation Part 2 (Blender and Setting up MilkShape)
This is the second part of tutorial 08 MilkShape to MovieStorm for Animation. In this tutorial we take the Callada DAE file from SketchUp and create an OBJ file using Blender. We also set up MilkShape. Chris' tutorial on MilkShape to Moviestorm Modders Workshop is used as the basis for this tutorial.

08 SketchUp2MovieStorm4Animation Part 3 (MilkShape)
This is the final part of tutorial 08 MilkShape to MovieStorm for Animation. In this tutorial we take the OBJ files into MilkShape, Create a Skeleton, Assign the relevant mesh parts and create the Textures / Materials. At this stage we have everything necessary to be able to animate the prop in MovieStorm. The animation section is continued in MovieStorm Tutorial 02 and MovieStorm Tutorial 03. Long - but worth sticking with it.

MovieStorm Tutorial 01 - Interacting with a SketchUp Prop - No Skeleton
First MovieStorm tutorial explaining how we can fool MovieStorm into interacting with a dumb SketchUp prop. The prop in question is a chair which does not have any skeleton associated it and the model appears to sit to the chair.

MovieStorm Tutorial 02 - AutoAnimate Model / Prop
This continues on from SketchUp Tutorial 08, where we auto-animate (using MovieStorm's Modders Workshop) the model that was originally created in SketchUp.

MovieStorm Tutorial 03 - Animate on Command (Model from SketchUp)
This tutorial builds of the SketchUp 08 Tutorial which brought a SketchUp Model through MilkShape into a format that is compatible with MovieStorm's Modders Workshop. Here, we make the Model / Prop animate based on commands in the Director's view - OpenDoors and CloseDoors.


#5 LenseOnLife


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Posted 04 June 2014 - 05:49 AM

Hi Ben,

Just noticed that my post, which should have been a reply, has gone out as a new Thread - would you be able to slip it back here under this thread?

I have done the search as you suggested and seen lots of very interesting and worthwhile posts - now all I have to do is digest and that will take some time :-)


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