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iPad issue ~ Moviestorm videos do not play on my iPad

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Posted 15 January 2013 - 09:00 PM

Moviestorm videos do not play on my iPad. I am developing a presence online to sell and use Moviestorm for education. I like the idea of using the iPad since this lowers the barrier to entry by allowing someone with an iPad to start using MS for just $10. Did you know that there are 8,000,000 iPads in the USA schools? Anyway, I am not very familiar with an iPad. In fact, I am having to use my wife's to test the various iterations of my website at www.edapps.mobi. I have a page at exhibit/moviestorm videos, kid's vids playlists and on this page is a link to a playlist that I made on MS to show kids videos. Once I get to the playlist and click on one of the videos, the video does not play. In fact, I am not able to play any MS videos on my iPad. Unless it is just me and my iPad or you have an issue with playing MS videos on iPads. If that is the case then getting users to use their iPads to make videos will be impossible. Please help me understand why the MS videos don't play on my iPad?

I have played MS videos on my iPad before, so I don't understand why I cannot play them now. I cannot even play them from anywhere on your site. YouTube videos play just fine

Okay, I continue to test this issue. I discovered that the Moviestorm iPad Promo from YouTube plays from your site on my iPad just fine. In fact all the videos from the www.moviestorm.co.uk/hub/ios/home play just fine on my iPad. However movies from www.moviestorm.co.uk/hub/movies don't play on my iPad. It looks to me as though you need a new video player on your site. One that can read the user's hardware and play the correct version of the video, rather like YouTube does. Until you get something that plays all your videos on the iPad, it will be difficult for you to generate interest in MS among the iPad group.

Not being able to play 99% of your content from your site is a major roadblock to my plans for marketing to the 8,000,000 iPad using students in the USA. I wanted to link back to the how to videos, and the other videos that would show what MS can do.

I am also interested in working with you on the educational side of using MS in schools. Please let me know what I can do to facilitate the full implementation of MS for iPad.

I know that I can make playlists of your YouTube content and use those, but I would rather use your site if at all possible. Many schools don't allow content from YouTube into their classrooms. Also, not all the MS content is on YouTube.

I am having trouble understanding how to proceed with my iPad centric business plan, knowing that all 73,000,000 World wide and 54,000,000 in the USA, iPad users are not able to see the Moviestorm content. I hope that you are aware of the issue and are planning on doing something about it soon. Will you please let me know what your plans are in this regard?

Here is a link to an article called "The Mobile Landscape for Instructional Design" that claims "Over the next 5-10 years more people will be typing on glass than keyboards. This year, over one billion Internet users will connect only through mobile devices. That’s half of all Internet users in the world. In Indonesia and Southeast Asia the majority of Internet access already occurs via mobile devices. The way you conceptualize content experiences now should be mobile-first, rather than PC first. The PC era is behind us."


Great news MS fans! I have found a iPad app called the Puffin Browser. You can get it at the iTunes apps store. It is free for two weeks then you can buy it for just $2.99. This app will be used instead of the iOS iPad/iPhone browser. It actually works better than the default browser, faster. Most importantly it will play flash based content, like the videos on MS. It has a handy little track pad that is used to activate a pointer. Here are a couple of links that describe this app.

This is really BIG news for my plans to promote the use of MS in schools (in general) and now more specifically with students who use iPads.

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