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The Wykeman Family Incident

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Posted 10 September 2014 - 01:06 AM

The Wykeman Family Incident.

The perfect family, The perfect crime.

Filmed from 3 different perspectives. During the film the perspectives alternate throughout, leading towards the climatic opening scene.
An original concept idea.

The perspectives are as follows:
The Crime Scene Investigation Team (Hand held camera documenting the crime scene)
Typical 'hollywood' perspective camera angles to bring traditional filming techniques.
The murderers perspective (Hand held camera, stalking and documenting their life routine to plan their crime)

Character List:
Mr. Alex Wykeman- An english teacher who begins an affair with a student. He despises most male students, purposely giving them bad grades on exams. His relationship with his wife and kids are non-existent and fake.

Mrs. Pam Wykeman- A cliche suburban housewife who looks down on everyone who is working class and cares for nothing other than her botox. She wrongly gets a homeless man arrested accusing him of sexual harassment (a parallel to her husband) because the man asked her for change.

Lucy Wykeman- A young aspiring cheerleader who typically degrades the 'nerds' within her college. She causes a pupil to be beaten up when he asks her out on a date. She has no idea of her dad's affair with one of her 'best' friends.

Jason Wykeman- The youngest in the family who takes his anger issues out on his friends, bullying them into doing stuff they don't want to. When they resist he often physically attacks them.

Pupil #1- One of the 2 murderers from the college, who's hatred for the entire family leads them to committing the crime.
Pupil #2- One of the 2 murderers from the college, who's hatred for the entire family leads them to committing the crime. This pupil is the character that gets beaten up by the 'jock' after asking Lucy Wykeman out on a date.

Opening Scene

The film begins through the perspective of the crime scene investigation team. They are observing the bodies of the family. (The audience see this through the eyes of Investigators camcorder)

On the floor lays Mrs.Pam Wykeman in a pool of her own blood, after suffering multiple stab wounds. The white night gown hardly white any longer. The t.v in the background is pure white noise, the only light present in the room.

Right to her, tied and gagged to a chair is Mr.Alex Wykeman. He has suffered the same death but with his throat slit.

The camera moves towards the kitchen where the audience very briefly sees the bodies of Jason and Lucy Wykeman. (Due to their age the camera shuts of) A decision not to cause to much controversy with the audience. But creating a shock factor.

Throughout the opening scene the investigator is narrating what he is seeing whilst the camera records. He names the victims and their death.

The opening scene is designed to create sympathy towards the family. As the film progresses the audience realises that the family are horrible people themselves throughout their everyday lives.

The 2 pupils are never caught and the case remains a mystery along with the motives behind the crime. They remain the 'perfect' family who suffered the perfect crime.

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