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Weirdest MS Workarounds

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#1 spenayoung



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Posted 10 November 2014 - 12:53 AM

So was just wondering what everyone's weirdest MS workarounds might be. For example, one way that I really make the most of MS is by expanding preset objects WAY bigger than they are supposed to be for weird sci-fi like buildings and strange landscapes.

For example, the beginning of this shot from Libertaria is actually taken from the inside of a mega-huge Photobooth, laced with tons of mega big spiderwebs and a weird organ thingy at the bottom:

Texture was made in Bryce - an older software program that makes excellent textures and backdrops.

You can see more examples of reusing the preset objects with the weird incubators. For example, I took some of the cabinets, blacked them out, mixed them with the cylinders and then added in the image made in Bryce.

The incubators on the floor have a rectangular primitive with a Bryce texture. There are two spheres in each rectangular primitive, along with the "hand" looking sci-fi panel from the sci-fi MS objects. The images were then added in to make weird incubators.

I am working on a commission right now, and was able to transform the Sci-fi door into a fantasy realm door by changing it to dark brown and covering it with overgrown plants (strategically keeping the pots out of the camer'as view). Once again I made the plants larger than life to create a jungle-like appearance.

Making objects larger is another way to make your characters seem younger or smaller, as well.

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Posted 18 February 2015 - 10:18 PM

My weirdest wordaround:


I wanted the "Missionary Position" in my last movie.  I got it with the 'sex on the table' gesture and selected the bed, nightstands, candels, window shades, etc and rotated them upward so the bed was touching the girl's back and then rotated the camera so everything looked level!  I also had to make the walls, ceiling and floor the same color (and texture) and dimmed the light.  And it came out great!

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