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Born Again

04 April 2014 - 12:22 AM

First of all. I would like to say hi. And second of all I just have a short story of the idea and I don't really care about who acts in the movie if it happened. I just wanna see it happen and I want it to be good. Anyway. Then name of the title is born again.

This movie is action and there should be some funny moments in it. The movie is about a man and his father they are professional assassins and they are the most wanted men in the world. The movie should start in the 1980s and they were chasing a wizard old man . when the movie starts the man ( the son of the father) is opening the door of a building's roof and starts running because the cops are chasing him and he came there because he was trying to jump to into the house in front of the building so he can reach the wizard because his father was dying in there. While the cops chasing him he jumps and reaches the roof of the wizard's house and falls down to the ground . then he proceeds to get up and start fighting the wizard which the he defeats but not kill him . just throws always his sword and the wizard falls down. Then the man runs to his father and hold his father's head while the wizard tells him " you going to go back" then the man says "what" . then the wizard say " you going to get reincarnated because I put a spell on you where you and I going to go back as babies in a whole different mother's stomach . you're not going to remember a thing of your past life you're just going to be a new born baby. And I ... Well I am a wizard I will go faint but I will come back even more powerful and I will destroy everything" then the man grabs his sword and just about he was going g to kill him he gets reincarnated as the cops break in the doors of the house and watch it happen. After few years let's say 1989 a new baby was born not remembering anything of his past life then in 2014 the baby is all grown up like a man. And his parents were professional killers before and they quit there jobs and got a new life after the baby was born. One day the family went to a restaurant and when they sat down in a booth they saw a man looking at them for few minutes the man went to the bathroom for short period of time then he came out with a gun shooting at the boy's parents the parents directly went down and the father pulled his gun out and started shooting at him and killed him...the boy shouted"what the hell is going on" the mother grabbed the boy and got in the car with his father and drove away to the house ...when they got home the boy said to his parents " tell what's going on right now " the parents told the boy about their true identity..and the boy was shocked .. After a while the cops came to the restaurant and wanted to see the accident in the recording video and they saw the parents and said these people we've been tracking for years and couldn't catch them. Then they asked about who the boy was .. One cop said "I'll be god damned..(all the cops proceed to look at him),.. He said this man looks exactly like the man my granddad told me about... He was a professional assassin and my granddad saw him gets vanished when he was a cop ( the granddad) he said he heard the wizard that he's gonna come back again.. All the cops didn't believe him. So he left them and went searching for the boy .. Then next day he found him walking in the street while the cop was getting a coffee in the morning .. He went there and said " hey man can I talk to you.." The man thought he was going yo catch him for the accident the day before so he ran away so the cop chases him.. After running for a while and smashing stuff the cop finally coat him. And told him I'm not gonna arrest you .. I just want you to know about and old criminal..then they went into restaurant to buy coffee and telling him about the story and the happening and he said that the old mother is still alive and really old so he told him to go to her asap. He gave him the house location of the old mother and left. The boy went there with his parents and knocked on the door the mother saw him and said " it cannot be".. She was amazed that he came back she took him in to her house with his parents and told him about the old him. And showed him his old room and his assassin suit . so he now knows everything and told the old woman that he will revenge her. His parents took him back home and tolled him that they gonna train him and join him with the fight . while they are training the wizard appeared and even stronger and began destroying things and killing people .....and even controlled all the cops to be with him after a while the boy was trained well and ready to fight . he wore his sold suit and grabbed his old sword and was ready to fight . his parents took all their old weapons and went to the place he was challenged to fight in it ..his parents took care of the cops and he went fighting him....
You know the rest... He kills the wizard and all lives happily ever after but I'm sure you would like to make changes into it but the idea of they story is what I want to happen so I hope it gets successful

Bye and thanks for reading and if you want to contact me just email me on my gmail (hamzafhassan@gmail.com)