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Iron & Ice-Steampunk series-demo-typical episode

27 August 2016 - 03:11 PM

Here is the demo for my steampunk Moviestorm-animated series "Iron & Ice"




Iron & Ice” is a smart, exciting, and sometimes funny, computer-animated Steampunk series which follows the adventures of the Victorian crew of an ice-burrowing ship exploring an alternative Earth after 500 years of glaciation.


On the orders of Queen Victoria, they are trying to make contact with other humans who have survived the ice in isolated pockets around the globe. They have to be careful because the aliens who caused the new ice age are still around. Worse, there are human traitors who have thrown in with the aliens who could betray the crew at any moment.


It is a dangerous world of civilizations who have adapted to the new reality. Some have gone back to older days, like the Egyptian cult which worships Ra the sun god . Others have taken radical steps to stabilize their populations, like the new Minoan civilization which treats men like dangerous animals. There are air pirates who swoop down from the clouds in one person dirigibles and ornithopters. A latter-day Captain Nemo roams the open seas in his Nautilus.


The crew travel in the HMS Ice Factor, a remarkable steam-powered ship with interchangeable modules tailored to each mission. As well as cutting through glacial ice like a hot knife through butter, the Ice Factor can be reconfigured as a submarine, an airship, a war ship, a portable science lab, a search and rescue vessel, and much more.



Iron & Ice

08 December 2015 - 02:23 PM

Here is a link to the Facebook page for a new Moviestorm-animated series I have created.


I have completed the pilot episode and my composer/sound engineer is working on the second. Why two? My experience as a screenwriter has taught me that if I write a pilot script for a new show producers always say, "Oh, if ONLY you had a typical episode." And conversely if I write a typical episode I get, "Oh, if ONLY you had written the pilot."


So I wrote and then produced both using the voice talents of some of my talented friends and friends of friends.




I will be flogging the scripts, the bible, budget and the two episodes as a package in the New Year.