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Machinexpo Promo

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#21 willshetterly


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Posted 01 November 2008 - 07:34 AM

Mmm. Cake!

And happy birthday, equinoxx!

#22 Chris Ollis

Chris Ollis

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Posted 01 November 2008 - 08:49 AM

Hi gang, can I just remind you that this is a film discussion thread and not a personal attack board.

By all means criticize peoples movies (constructively ideally), but do not attack people's characters, careers or opinions.

If you have bones to pick with each other, please do that via private messages or preferably not at all, as, lets face it, we're probably all old and ugly enough to know better by now.

Lifes short and gathering enemies just means you need to spend more of it watching your back. If we help each other out along the way, we'll find we've more connections than we realised when it counts the most.

Chris Ollis
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#23 kkffoo


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Posted 01 November 2008 - 10:30 AM

It's hard to know how to react to all this as it sounds as if the issues here were generated at some previous time, rather than being directly involved with the music licensing of the machexpo movie.
My usual practice is to have licenses and credits pretty watertight, as you will have noticed from all my previous movies.
In this case, I followed my usual practice until the change of venue from Montreal came up.
With the promo film almost complete, and following a strongly Canadian theme, the only way I could find to shift the emphasis in time was to switch the music tracks.
The licensing of the music I then chose was not as clear.
I made the decision to go ahead and publish the work, as it was intended as a short lived promo film, to be used only in connection with the expo.
In that context, ie the film is not competing against others in a competition, I didn't get paid and the event itself being not for profit I wasn't expecting anyone to question permissions and evidence of copyright.
This has been a learning experience for me, as I haven't been involved with a festival before.
I now realise, not just from GB's reaction to this movie, but from previous threads involving the New York festival, that feelings can run high, and a sense of proportion can be lost under those circumstances.
If SF wish to lock this thread, or take other action then they will already know that I will not take offence.
Hopefully the promo film will have already done its job in raising awareness of the machinima-expo, and I have gained some valuable experience also.

#24 willshetterly


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Posted 01 November 2008 - 05:58 PM

Grouchobeer, I'm sorry my tone wasn't more generous. I came across a bit of advice a long time ago that I sometimes forget: Read charitably. Always give the best possible interpretation to what you read. Before you assume someone is dishonest, assume they're simply uninformed, or they made a typo, or they forgot something, or they're just going through a hard time in life.

I'm touchy around copyright conservatives because it's an issue I've been involved in for a couple of decades now. Sorry that spilled over onto you.

#25 Michelle


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Posted 01 November 2008 - 07:21 PM

Super job Mike and Kate!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Expo next week smile.gif
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