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Dumb Movie about shellfish

alien technologhy

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Posted 21 May 2015 - 03:58 AM

Crustacean Rising part I


So, how about a film about a crustacean that gains sentience through lost alien technology. The crustacean maintaining the ability to communicate with other crustaceans proceeds to build an army and becomes a sort of god among shellfish and then spreads its agenda of superiority across all of shellfish kind. The newly found crab order believing itself to be superior to the dominant species "Man" plan to use the new found alien technology to take over the surface, conquering and enslaving all of man kind. The crustacean crusaders proceed to invade the coast of Florida as it is believed to be the stronghold of stupidity, an easy target. As they learn of the human world they proceed to utilize the tools of destruction created by man in a sick twist of irony and Florida becomes the crunchy overlords base of operations. word gets out about the invasion of the worlds largest slum and the u.s.. government proceeds to quarantine Florida being too stupid to realize that crabs breathe underwater. The shrimp scouts proceed to take note of human society and mark their next target, THE WHITE HOUSE!! Mean while the crabs have made use of the alien technology to splice crab and man and create biological weapons of snipping warfare so that they may wage war against the savage barbarians known as man. The molting menaces proceed to covertly take control of the presidents mind and order nuclear war upon their next target, Korea! End of part 1

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