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"All is Well in Roswell"

04 July 2012 - 07:21 AM


please enjoy as I am sitting on a train postimg this...to brag about going 200 k/h while tping slowly with one finger.

"Roswell Husbands" (work in progress)

01 June 2012 - 02:48 PM

So I have unsolicited jumped into a huge project, (for me)
I've got a team of talented individuals, who probably don't even know they are in my eyes a "team".

Based upon the short play,"Roswell Husbands" Written by Jason Sullivan, the author himself has given permission to create this project as a machinima as well as provided a voice to one of his characters!

Having been a fan of Loris Rizzo, please take note that I'm not the only one who has enjoyed his videos
and his voice and he too out of his kindness has also generously provided me with a voice for a
character in this project.

Some test examples of the lighting and sets so far on Flickr which will eventually grow with time before I'm ready to render and edit.

And below a little sneak at the atmosphere in a fully rendered form without the music, which may be an interesting thing, to be announced if I can get permissions, if not, I can eventually create a sound track, but it won't be the same as what I'm thinking.


Thank you much to those who have been curious enough to take a look and even rate the preview. smile.gif

Upload failures a little too much

22 April 2012 - 08:06 AM

Hello, although its happened to me with one of my first videos in that series of Astrological subjects..
in correspondence with Loris he has had two upload failures in the last day.. in his attempt to upload his newest project. He stated that it went up to 66% and then failed..

He usually uploads quite small files actually and usually is very efficient when dealing with the size of his works.. although this latest one is about 12 minutes. I know my own was only about 5 minutes but I decided to make it MPG4 or something instead of AVI just because the upload failed so miserably and then did the rest for the other projects.. (with no trouble)

Has there been a change to the system format to where the video uploads are more sensitive? I know that they take time but.. I also see it as something a little slower going on as well.. as opposed to maybe a few months ago.

Just wanted to ask and see of other people were having difficulty uploading their projects onto the site.

Also since I've personally avoiding youtube lately for their changes in just the overall ugliness of their design of the channels and making those changes in a forced way, I have not uploaded any videos to youtube. Anything I have uploaded to the "public eye" has been on moviestorm...and posting my links TO moviestorm.. bringing hopefully good attention to the site as well.

Please help it be easier for people to upload so that more work can be seen here smile.gif

Thank you!


The Old Tree

08 February 2012 - 08:09 AM


I'm not completely satisfied, but this is what I wanted the entire film to look like.. I just felt perhaps too impatient about the voice over & a few small glitches in editing.. which is why I may change it.

Night Hunters

04 February 2012 - 05:40 PM

I know it seems like when I post something like this, its shameless self promotion, and yet it is not..

On the other hand I helped out on it with my voice.


It was way cool, hope everyone enjoys the action!