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Posted 09 April 2019 - 07:58 AM

17 points submitted 1 month agoFrom what I can tell, this is either Xau Tak using his mind controlling powers to rs gold control an (in)animate object OR this is the part of Sliske that supposedly didnt die with him during SE, although I hope its somehow both.You can interpret this is many different ways, that being:The Shard is Zaros talking about ZamorakThis is what Xau Tak was talking about in the 2nd age

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Or they see the decline of the game and rotate the leadership and announce it as a resignation. Remember Diablo 3 terrible launch and Jay Wilson "resignation" a year after release?I don work for Blizzard and I can speak for their project management, but as I see it it not really a surprise.There is 0 need to utilize any French learned in a school setting, regardless of how well it taught. 19 points submitted 1 month ago

Go ahead and flame me and call my hat made of tinfoil, but this game has had questionable design decisions, lacking core functionality in a reconnect system, replay system and messy ass ranked modes and I could easily see a board of people forcing new leadership onto the project. I don think Blizzard is immune to the Peter Principle. 13 points submitted 26 days ago

I don think it that cut and dry, as someone who works on a game that has an ongoing (patch/update centric) release cycle. The answer is most likely somewhere in the middle. Management knows what going on, and it not necessarily incompetence in the current role. The game needs new blood to drive creativity and new ideas, as well as the need for the person in question to exercise their creativity elsewhere where it applies.

I really disagree, as someone who grew up in ON but is bilingual. Europe is different. There simply a supreme apathy towards learning a second language here unless it to further a child future prospects for college or something. It superficial. It not like there a massive amount of French content available and encouraged to watch. English is popular because it the language of Hollywood and the western Internet culture.

he most challenging thing about learning English is to learn the accent and getting confident in switching to it. Because the UK is just across the North Sea, we are expected to speak with British accents. Our exposure to British media is rather limited.I really think it an attitude thing in Canada. In Ontario at least, as that what I most accustomed to and grew up with in the mid to now, Bilingualism and French education is used as a means to further a child path to higher learning (looks good to peers and colleges), or as a cheaper method of getting them into a system (aka not with the plebs in public school) nothing which has to actually do anything with learning French.if the system is restructured to follow the Nordic system it would work we need to focus on that. Really sell to KIDS and parents why this learning is useful, otherwise it just an end to a means of nothing or just a nuisance.

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