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Torvesta Disqualified From OSRS DMM Tournament for Muling

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Posted 28 March 2019 - 03:26 AM

With the DMM Spring Final going on heated, every skilled DMM play wants to last in game as long as possible. But for Torvesta, who’s been disqualified from OSRS DMM Tournament for Muling, will never make it far. Let’s check what is happening.

Who is Torvesta?

For OSRS fans who know Torvesta little, here is a brief introduction to this man. Torvesta is a popular Old School RuneScape YouTuber and Twitch streamer with 28.2 thousand Twitter followers, 57 thousand Twitch followers, and 3.14 million YouTube followers. He is a excellent player at player killing (PK). He is the winner of the Golden Gnome Award for Best Old School RuneScape Video Maker in 2018.

Why’s Torvesta disqualified from DMM Tournament?

As is shown in the official notification, Torvesta has been disqualified because of muling. If a player has secondary accounts used as scouts to assess Wilderness dangers, storage in such accounts can be referred to as mules for some tasks. Though muling is a legitimate in regular mode game, however, mules are not allowed in Deadman Mode. The player has expressed his surprise and disappointment for such incidence, for he already has his account checked in advance before, and the Mods did find nothing suspicious.

How do fans think about Torvesta’s disqualification?

Though the reason has been given to Torvesta’s disqualification, most fans are not satisfied with the consequence. Since the announced reason for his disqualification seems to be a widely spread phenomena among clans in the game. They also have people in the GE constantly flipping, getting gear and other items. According to them, in this case the Torvesta’s disqualification is unfair, and will give them no reason to watch the upcoming DMM Spring finals.

What do you think of Torvesta’s disqualification from the DMM Spring finals? Give us your ideas. If you need more news about RS game or cheap RS gold, you can always come to rsorder.

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