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In Topic: Dead Platform?

08 August 2017 - 03:12 AM

I fell in Love with Moviestorm  a few years back and  invested in every add on available /  I have made a few very Low Budget (feature lenght films with  live actors) here in North Carolina , and was interested in making a fully animated Horror film ...I was hoping that Moviestorm would update its  tech , and  software..but Unfortunately I  saw the blogs stagnate , and all but for a handful of  dedicated fans the  activity has abated.  The  software itself it woefully stuck in the last decade as far as  animation quality.  Dont get me wrong  I LOVE the genius  of the system ..It is BY FAR  superior to any other system out there when it comes to User friendlyness .But I felt like I was part of a slowly sinking ship so  I turned to IClone...i have spent the last year studying IClone , and have  created my full lenght feature film using that software ... I have the film nesarly completed .but It wasnt my first choice..IClone is  buggy...cumbersome and illogically  designed...It creates great , HD lifelike animations  so long as your system can handle the  immense resource burden, and rendering . And the learning Curve is  long and arduous.  I would love to see Moviestorm step into the current decade with  higher quality avatars, and  updated resources..However I have been watching for  nearly a year and a half now wishing .......and have seen  NO Movement ....no information posted by the  developers... just a slow descent into  obscurity ....If there has been no news by now..then chances are  this wonderful, usefull concept   is DEAD...the developers are probably eeking in enough  cash from the  wanderers who happen upon the site , and spend  on the software and all of the  extras...but it is probably just enough to "keep the lights on" so to speak . Once it reaches a certain loss point  ...the Lights Will Go Out !   Its such a shame  because the concept and overall  design are FAR Superior  to ICLONE,  Im saddened...I will keep  Moviestorm on my system untill I see its Tombstone   ....Or untill someone swoops in and  rescues  this great  system from its  apparent  doom 

In Topic: 64 bit version of Moviestorm

25 September 2016 - 12:41 AM

I am guessing that moviestorm is all downhill from here ..looks like a good idea has been abandoned ..Guess I will have to start learning ICLONE