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Need Help Making a Harrowing Art Film

Indie Art

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#1 Rogueshadow



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Posted 16 May 2015 - 05:52 AM

Hello all,


I have recently been inspired to make an art film that would be very deep, dark, and depressing, as well as very psychologically harrowing.  I would ideally like to tell the story cinematographically, (think 2001 A Space Odessy with only 21 minutes of talking) and possibly have it set in a sci-fi setting (as I feel that this is a great genre to explore).  This film would be a ow budget film, as I neither have the money nor do I want to make an action laden film that would contain many expensive action sequences.  Would anyone have any decent film ideas that would fit this description you would be willing to share with me that I could consider to make a film as described above?


On a side note, I have just seen the profound experimental film about the human condition entitled Baraka. Whilst seeing this film, I saw a scene that displayed a Japanese Buto dancer performing a silent scream:


I was absolutely stunned by this clip and would like to include this type of scene as a recurring scene that would display something significant that the film is attempting to get across thematically.  Please consider this whilst giving feedback.


Thank you very much,


#2 Ichikaidan


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Posted 18 May 2015 - 02:02 PM

Nice idea


In Butoh theater as in film a theme, around which the imagery and sounds can be draped is essential.

It could be anything. Starting from that, coathanger, one can develop variations as to find the real or deeper story.

My best idea for you is to form your own idea and continue from that.

You could borrow from ancient legends. Look at the human condition.

Look within yourself to see the shadow that disturbs and possibly drive your motives.

Both end of scales are necessary for the depth.

And the use of a Leitmotiv is very good for the form as every iteration only reinforces the message.

Moviestorm can give you a very surprising range of expressional tools with which you can convey the feelings and or illusions perfectly suited to one's wish.

Lighting , Character gesturing all need to be looked into for you to find the best options.

And of course addons for flavor.


Have fun

kind greets

Creating situations and learning to see.

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