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Collaborators In Crime Chapter 63

21 April 2019 - 11:16 PM

Ch 63 - Monday morning, Carrie visits her doctor for an appointment. Samm welcomes Carrie as well as the police station welcoming Chubby back. Ms. Alt has been away visiting Andy for the weekend and the last time she saw Carl, he had signed his divorce papers and took the day off afterwards. Ronni and Jessi hit one of their favorite shops.






14 April 2019 - 10:37 PM

Ch 62 - Wrapping up the weekend. Sunday morning; Dennis meets up with Theresa for a walk by the lake. Jessi & Ronni have a conversation about their night out and future things to do. Ronni makes a decision and lets Jessi know what it is.
Andy and his mother, Ms. Alt further discuss Carl and Alice. Ms. Alt shares a part of her past with Andy. 


08 April 2019 - 12:17 AM

Ch 61 - Saturday continued. A recap from Ch 60 and Chapter 61 starts with the date Ronni wanted to avoid. The Bistro seems to be a nice little place locally for the folks in the area. This episode wraps ups Saturday from the supper hour into the night.

New film released: Bring Me A Dream

10 March 2019 - 08:48 PM

Set in a small town in the 50's. Sometimes tragedy doesn't always bring closure. But a dream can make dark more bearable.
Animated short film created with Moviestorm
©2019 Marilyn Oakley/MLO Nightwolf Productions
Royalty free music provided by www.sound-ideas.com/Mr. Sandman remixed by M Oakley
Voice Overs: M Oakley

Collaborators In Crime Golden 50 Contest

21 December 2018 - 06:27 PM

Hello  :)


Didn't know where to post this on the forum,so am posting here.


Collaborators In Crime Golden 50 Contest 
Must be 18 to participate, must provide a picture ID to claim prize money (unless I know you personally). Answers must be posted in the "Reply to this topic" section of this post only. Questions are not in sequence of the Chapters for more of a challenge. 
Different Chapters contain the answers. All random questions and episodes. The first one to post all the correct answers here first will be the winner. Cash Prize $50.00 and a Laurel. Prize money to be paid via Paypal. If the Winner does not have a Paypal, we can do a personal message to set up receiving Winnings.
Contest ends when the first post with the correct answers are shared below this post. Please do not create a new post. TY
Link to the playlist of CIC Chapters series:
Click Playlist Then choose CIC Chapters
Question 1: What Chapter did Chubby treat Samm and his wife Carrie to an Italian place over on the other side of town?
Question 2: What Chapter did Ronni share with Jessi that she's never been with a man?
Question 3: What chapter did Ms. Alt ask Andy "Are you sure you won't consider staying in the guest bedroom?"?
Question 4: What Chapter did Jessi say, "Now, let's take our new paint job for a spin."
Question 5: What Chapter did Carrie say "I didn't know her and Alice were friends."?
Question 6: In one of the chapters was a Magic Show, what was the chapter and the name of the song played for the show?
Question 7: What chapter did Jessi say "Glint? More like the fire from the devils eye"?
Question 8: What chapter did Maria the maid and her husband get arrested and what popular Elvis song played as they rode in the squad car?
Question 9:  What chapter did Ronni and Jessi meet?
Question 10. What chapter did Samm say "She's a fighter, Chubby. She'll make it"?
Please put answers like this:
Question 1 CH ? 
Question 2 CH ? (other info if needed) 
Question 3 CH ? etc. Thank you.
You may left click on “Questions”, copy and paste into Word or Text if you’d like.
Thanks for playing and have fun. Good luck.