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Chin Holes and Clothing tracking

21 March 2017 - 01:55 AM

Hi Team!

Been a while since I was here or even fiddled with MS...

But I've decided to finish off a movie I made Pt1 of called
'Noel Sinclair - Investigation 1a'..
Here's the Link to it if interested:


Anyway, reason I'm posting here is, there is a Hole that appears in his chin when speaking, or at different cam angles.. :unsure:
I remember the fix to this used to be turning off Base 01 or Base beta 02 addons or something like that back in the day...(?)
Can anyone help jog my memory on that...? :huh:
Also, as he walks along or as I move the camera around his shirt seems to be 'tracking'.. or disappearing and reappearing etc... Doesn't happen up close but does in full body type shots....  What is the fix to this? If there is one...? I cant change his outfit nor his head, as he needs to stay the same as in Part 1...    If anyone could help out I'd be very grateful... :rolleyes: