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Action Comedy idea

never say evil hero comedy action movie idea

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#1 AssassinPrime09



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Posted 30 June 2015 - 08:42 PM

Title:Never say "evil"


Grant Justin as Pate Nederson

Austin St. Young as Kevin Nederson

Chris Pratt as Keith Hoven

Jim Carrey as Wyatt Zodan


Plot:Pate Nederson is a 20 years old guy who has always dreamed of being a supervillain.His brother,instead,wanted to become a hero.Now Pate is a loser who tries to be the greatest villain ever,while his brother is a cop.Pate,despite being an arrogant and selfish smartass,has a big self esteeme.One day he discovers about a crime leader named Wyatt Zodan,so he tries to enter his crew.The crime leader refuses his request and makes fun of him,calling him an "cheap Mr.Evil wannabe".This makes Pate angry so he seeks revenge on him.He wants to build up a gang and show Zodan that he can be better than him.So,he does something he never tought he would do,asking help to his brother.His brother teaches him how to fight,and then invites some criminals to join his gang.His most faithful member is Keith Hoven,an ex killer who wants to prove again that he's one of the most dangerous criminals out there(but this time without getting caught by police).So he starts a journey to become a supervillain,but without killing,he hates killing...

#2 KieranRae95



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Posted 31 August 2015 - 02:45 PM

You're flirting with an incredibly hilarious parody of our superhero culture - this idea excites me, though your details so far require a lot of work.


In a society where we're obsessed with 'dark, brooding superhero films and merchandise' a parody, comedy film about 2 average joe's being embroiled in a comic book like story line is promising.


My first suggestion is give it a unique voice to Kick Ass - Kick Ass is both hilarious and heartfelt as it faces the realisms of being a hero.


The tone I would suggest for this is consistently mockery. Focus on your hapless character fantasising over comic book villains being in way over his head with a group of murderers. Focus on the secret of his brother being a police officer looming over his groups' head.


Play up the idea of good vs evil as cop vs deranged comic book lover - how silly the cops are portrayed in superhero films.


Whatever you do, don't make this a serious film.

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