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technicle question about camera moves

camera shots moves help

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#1 headrushindi


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Posted 12 October 2015 - 04:15 AM

having a few issues I'm trying to resolve..hopefully someone can help with these.


Issue One ..I am playing with  things so I  simply added a character to an empty set with no props just to play

around with camera moves..The first thing I noticed is  that the  default camera position on the set is almost all the way to the rear

of the GRID .. just within several blocks from the back...is there no way to move that camera in directors mode or do I have to build the entire set  directly in front of the camera..seems a waste of al the rest of the space?.

.no matter  how I position  the  character in directors mode, close///far/// whatever..once I enter camera mode all i get is one  close up of the actor however In the tutorial on camera moves the young lady who was speaking in the tutorial set up a wide  shot in directors mode of the character walking , and when she entered camera mode that wide angle shot was up on the left side of the screen  along with her character close up . but  I am not getting the same .


 (2) also  I am trying to get a particular shot. I want to shoot very low to the ground, and get a  tracking shot of the characters feet walking,

however I am having a hell of a time finding a way to do that .when I make a free shot in camera mode I can position the camera like I want but   I cannot use any tracking ..etc and when I click on the main character and use the  mouse to  move in the xyz space The camera mode will not allow me to move into a wide shot ..it keeps snapping the view back to a medium close up everytime i try to move out too far.. or pan down too far etc ...


am I missing something  ..I have heard a few someone say  times in the video tutorials about two different modes to shoot inI think it was automatic or (?) something else ...cant remember..if you could  comment on these  issues above ...any help will be appreciated



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#2 primaveranz


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Posted 12 October 2015 - 08:17 AM

You need to watch these :- 


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#3 Ben_S


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Posted 12 October 2015 - 05:19 PM

When you are in free shot mode, if you hold down 'alt' and drag with the left mouse button, you move in the plane of the camera lens. You can use this to manover the camera right down to floor level.


Without holding alt, left click drag moves the camera in the floor plane; drag the floor around and the bit of floor you are dragging should remain under the mouse curser. Try to avoid draggging your mouse to the horizon, though, as that will zoom you a long way away from the bit of floor under your mouse curser.


You can also move the camera position around at a slowish constant speed by pressing wsad movement keys, and possible even hold shift down while doing so to move faster.

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