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Set Building Bugs?

05 June 2009 - 06:16 PM

I have been building a couple of sets and have come across a few annoying bugs that I'm not sure has been been brought up. I'm not sure if it's just me having these issues, but:

- For some 'Click here to place your own image' objects, the custom image you placed there disappears when you exit MovieStorm and then load your movie again. It can get annoying having to put back all the images that disappeared all the time.

- Wall coverings that are placed where windows or doors are sometimes reverse sides. Even if you change it back, it happens again when you exit and load the movie again. Refer to the picture below.

- I don't get an option for changing the colour of the wall where a window or door is placed. This means I have to delete the window/door, change the colour, and then put it back. Weird thing is, sometimes the change colour option is there in the window/door properties pop-up and sometimes it's not.

Anyone else had these issues?

Copyright Questions

04 June 2009 - 03:26 AM

Bare with me, just a couple of quick questions:

1) If I was to put images of, say, band logos on posters, put them in my set, and create and upload the movie, would that be infringing on copyright? (Is copyright even the right word for this?) Obviously it's hard to get permission for these type of things, but I would definitely NOT be out to gain any profit out of it.

2) What about music? Are you able to just grab your favourite song without permission and put it in your movie? Or does it all have to be original/or original from someone else, granted there are credits?

Am I allowed to do these things and upload movies without any troubles?

Texture Problem - Sketchup Importing

01 June 2009 - 01:18 PM


I was really happy when I found out that models from Sketchup were able to be imported into MovieStorm as I have used Sketchup in the past and have pretty good knowledge of how to use it. I've just started to dive into modding/importing models into MovieStorm today by following Davidwww's excellent tutorial, and it's worked out well apart from one thing:

Why is this strange, bumpy texture happening on all my imported models? That is not how it appears in Sketchup. These models have been taken from the Google Sketchup Warehouse by the way. It seems to happen only when textures are involved that are not just plain colours. And as you can see, it only happens on some faces. But this is happening on every model I've imported so far and just makes the model look ugly. So if anyone knows what I am doing wrong and how to solve this problem, it would be much appreciated.

Medieval Costumes

04 May 2009 - 03:27 AM

I have a movie idea and may involve the use of Kings and other Medieval related people, etc. However, there doesn't seem to be any costumes of the sort. I am specifically wanting a King outfit that includes a cloak and crown. Any chances of seeing this in the future sometime?