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Spiderman reboot idea.

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Posted 02 May 2015 - 12:20 PM

I know people are tired of Spiderman films, but as an avid Spiderman fan the Webb films are trainwrecks; here's my brief Spiderman idea that incorporates just enough of the MCU and Marvel-like silliness to make it into the Universe. 


There are really two main villains in this story; Kingpin and Shocker/Herman Schutlz.


Kingpin is the criminal underworld boss, he pulls the strings, his men rob several banks during the movie under the command of an anonymous benefactor; during one of the heists, Herman Schultz's father is murdered when standing up to a robber.


Schultz begins the film as a boy at Peter's school determined on making the city a safer place in the light of all the other stuff that is happening in the MCU. His solution is a battle suit of Vibro-Shock gloves and boots that send out condensed blasts of air capable of destroying solid surfaces and a pressure absorbing suit. When his plan is rejected by the military/Hammer Tech (not sure yet) and learning of the death of his father, Herman spirals down a confusing road of grief, blaming the city's unwillingness to take action against threats for his father's death and generally enraged.


The crux of Peter's plot is familiar with us all, the film would restructure the narrative to make Uncle Ben's death less tedious; Gwen's role in the film is just the beginning of their relationship, Peter meets her father and disagrees with his stance on costumed heroes. When Kingpin sees Spiderman in action, he gives him an offer; 1 million dollars to steal the EMP device from Hammer tech/military base. Peter of course refuses. However, Herman, now Shocker, tracks down the man who killed his father (which inevitably means going through Kingpin's men) and having noticed his powers, Kingpin makes the same offer to Shocker who accepts. As Shocker and Spiderman battle of the EMP device, Shocker reveals he is stealing the EMP for himself and will modify it for his own purposes. When Spiderman is captured by the police, Shocker flees with the device.


Escaping police custody, Peter (disgruntled at being rejected as a hero) gives up as Spiderman but after a series of conversations with Harry and Aunt May and Gwen, realises with great power comes great responsibility and he must take down the two villains himself. First he detains kingpin by trapping him in webbing, who gives him Shocker's location; Kingpin is working for another anonymous figure who does not want the city destroyed; Kingpin has learned that Shocker has been installing his own vibro-shock tech into the emp device, which when charged will send a concentrated blast of air into the ground, causing a devastating earth quake across the city. Spiderman leaves Kingpin to the police.


Confronting Shocker, Peter tries to disuade him from setting the device off, claiming killing defies the point of his father's heroic actions and Peter too has lost someone he cares about; he encourages Shocker harnesses responsibility with his power. Shocker reveals that if the city refuses to defend itself, then they are to blame for both his fathers' death and the death of anyone in the earthquake, and that he would be the example to shake them into action. The machine has five minutes left to charge before destroying the city; Spiderman and Shocker battle it out. Eventually, Spiderman talks Shocker out of his insane grief, but Shocker reveals the device can't be stopped. It can however be counteracted with Shocker's own vibro-blasts; Shocker encourages Spiderman to evacuate the near by radius and like his father, gives up his own life by containing the blast.


Gwen's father issues a warrant for Spiderman's arrest. Peter kisses Gwen and Kingpin is bailed out of jail by none other than Norman Osbourne, who reveals his orders to Kingpin were to spread fear around the city. Kingpin indadvertedly succeeded and his reward was his bail out. The film ends with Spiderman looking over his city. 

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