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Posted 19 September 2015 - 09:54 AM

So guys - I haven't owned a 'PC' for a fair few years now - started out my Moviestorm journey on one, but made the switch to Mac at least 5 -7 years now I think. I run Parallels to access a few bits and pieces, but there's no way my Mac-mini would ever run GTA 4 or GTA 5 on Parallels (or even natively on Bootcamp).


So up till now, I haven't used Rockstar's 'Rockstar Editor' (the native Machinima tool) in GTA 4 or GTA 5. However for anybody else who's a fan, you'd probably know they've just released their editor tool as part of free DLC update for 'next gen' consoles (PS4, 'Xbone'). I wasn't sure what to expect (given I haven't used it before on any other platform), but it's fairly simple to use (and the camera workflows actually seem similar in many ways to MS 'Cutting Room') - so much so I was able to throw together the below Q&D 'test reel' in literally a few hours work (they released the DLC on Wednesday or Thursday I think, I did the initial 'filming' on the Thursday night, and did all the cutting and post on Friday night).


The finished test reel is here, produced 100% in the RS Editor (including the soundtrack) - https://youtu.be/uQPVUO-4ne4


If your internet connection supports it, watch in HD (PS4 graphics in the GTA5 engine are amazing as you'd know if you're familiar with the game) :)


If someone like me can throw together something like this with no prep (admittedly it's got no plot either and I'm not using half the options the tool's got e.g the effect library, transitions or most of the audio) in a few hours, it will be interesting to see what other people can do now that RS have released it beyond the 'elitist' PC-gaming crowd to those of us with consoles



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Posted 22 September 2015 - 09:39 AM

OK, updated video link is here - https://youtu.be/uQPVUO-4ne4


Alternative PS4 workflow seems to produce a slightly better quality video than using the R* editor's inbuilt 'Upload to Youtube' function.

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