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#106612 Mark rotation & child puppets

Posted by FredJones on 13 April 2015 - 02:26 PM in Help!

Thanks everyone for these pointers and tips and key strokes... 


I just checked out the 'patreon' link for 3DTree's site, and really appreciate the heads up, Team Moviestorm.  


Thanks a lot.

#106598 Mark rotation & child puppets

Posted by FredJones on 11 April 2015 - 12:10 AM in Help!

Really am amazed I’ve never heard of this software before; my outlook on cinema has changed since opening the trial of Moviestorm.  I’m learning it as I go and enjoying working it quite a bit, and have a few questions.  


In the Director’s View, you select a Character and then Click them into Place Here.

At that point, is there any way to Spin or Rotate the Character around and about, upon their initial appearance?


I’m also curious about child performers.

I see on the Knowledge Base FAQ that the height is WYSIWYG, without alterations in height.

However, I have explored Moviestorm around the net and it looks like the tablet version of Moviestorm has a kid in an elementary school classroom.  


I ask this because I have wanted for 3 years to film a script by a friend (I have the rights) featuring three kids in a classroom.  I’ve made other films since falling into a crush on this script, but I’ve never taken the time and energy and work to getting an actual elementary school to film in.  

Playing with Moviestorm and seeing the child in the app promo made me wonder if I could finally do this film.  Can I?


Thanks very much.  Really am surprised and delighted in the Moviestorm sandbox.

#106571 Practice makes perfect

Posted by FredJones on 05 April 2015 - 11:50 AM in Help!

Hey Moviestormers,


I don't need 'help', just a lot of practice. :-)  I borrowed a friend's computer for the long Easter weekend to try out Moviestorm, and I'm excited as a squirrel in a nut processing factory.  My only disappointment is not knowing about Moviestorm a long time ago.


Beyond occasional rounds of Monopoly and Go Fish, I have absolutely zero gaming experience.  I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan; someone showed me the fancy Ghostbusters game two or three years ago.  Despite my enthusiasm, I could not make the Ghostbusters walk or look around or talk or anything.


I thought of that a lot this weekend.... I had to laugh out loud at my pathetic efforts to navigate the Moviestorm set.  I've never had a mouse with a wheel on it -- looks like I'll have to invest in one! ;-) The trackpad has always worked great for me in other (and simpler) software.  At one point in my explorations and trials and experiments this weekend, I ended up close to the Background Mountains and had to make a long, quite slow, Dave-Bowman-in-2001 type of progressive walk back towards the set -- and I couldn't for the life of my figure out how to make it go any faster.  But it wasn't terribly frustrating... overall l enjoyed my naive ignorance and sad sack attempts in a new arena more than I believe I ever have before, on or off of a computer.  It's rare I laugh, let alone out loud, at repeatedly screwing up over and over.  I enjoy Moviestorm though; laughing at my idiocy is, I admit, rare in my life, and I can only attribute it to liking the software quite a great deal. 


I have a lot of practice to build up, and finessing skills to gain.  Not being a gamer or major techie, I admit I am fairly behind, however I look forward to all the learning and practice to put in.  I really look forward to grabbing a new computer and a full Moviestorm download and acquiring more knowledge and skills.


Onwards and upwards!



#106570 Blown Away

Posted by FredJones on 05 April 2015 - 11:36 AM in Moviestorm feedback

All I have to say here is, Wow.


I borrowed a computer for the weekend just to try out the Moviestorm trial.  


Only about 20% of the way in to fully learning and fully comprehending the system, I've at least been able to make a mediocre awkward 50 second video using the Set, Dressing Room, Directing, Camera and Cutting Views, and I am just stunned.  My hearty congratulations to all the Moviestormers who've created this amazing software.  Looks like I'm getting a new computer and a full Moviestorm download package shortly...!  


Many thanks for all the creative energies on your team!

#106552 'checking hardware'

Posted by FredJones on 03 April 2015 - 03:05 PM in Help!

Moviestormers, I think I totally got this!!!


I needed to alter a System Preference to allow Nvidia products.


Downloading has commenced.


Thank you daleh, thank you.

#106551 'checking hardware'

Posted by FredJones on 03 April 2015 - 02:24 PM in Help!

Curiouser and curiouser...


I've downloaded anything for Mac I can find on Nvidia.com... however, none of these will actually open or launch, and I keep getting a dialogue box: "Unable to open items from unidentified developers"


I'm sure I'm doing something silly and niggling wrong and just need to finagle the right solution.

#106550 'checking hardware'

Posted by FredJones on 03 April 2015 - 01:41 PM in Help!

Thank you daleh

I looked around for some Nvidia assistance and I think you just supplied it

#106548 'checking hardware'

Posted by FredJones on 03 April 2015 - 12:37 PM in Help!

Hello Moviestormers,


I am exploring my machinima options and have watched all YouTube tutorials on Moviestorm this week, and just downloaded the Trial to explore over the next two weeks.


I'm on a SSD Mac with a few external hard drives; I admit I'm no computer genius.


To get the trial download program to launch, I had to play around with downloading a few Java options, however I believe I finally nailed the right one.


Now, I find that clicking on Moviestorm in Applications will launch the Icon and the Moviestorm name/simple menu, along with a blank box which reads, "Moviestorm - checking hardware".


That's as far as I've been able to get on my own, so I hoped I could search for some Forum assistance.