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Practice makes perfect

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#1 FredJones



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Posted 05 April 2015 - 11:50 AM

Hey Moviestormers,


I don't need 'help', just a lot of practice. :-)  I borrowed a friend's computer for the long Easter weekend to try out Moviestorm, and I'm excited as a squirrel in a nut processing factory.  My only disappointment is not knowing about Moviestorm a long time ago.


Beyond occasional rounds of Monopoly and Go Fish, I have absolutely zero gaming experience.  I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan; someone showed me the fancy Ghostbusters game two or three years ago.  Despite my enthusiasm, I could not make the Ghostbusters walk or look around or talk or anything.


I thought of that a lot this weekend.... I had to laugh out loud at my pathetic efforts to navigate the Moviestorm set.  I've never had a mouse with a wheel on it -- looks like I'll have to invest in one! ;-) The trackpad has always worked great for me in other (and simpler) software.  At one point in my explorations and trials and experiments this weekend, I ended up close to the Background Mountains and had to make a long, quite slow, Dave-Bowman-in-2001 type of progressive walk back towards the set -- and I couldn't for the life of my figure out how to make it go any faster.  But it wasn't terribly frustrating... overall l enjoyed my naive ignorance and sad sack attempts in a new arena more than I believe I ever have before, on or off of a computer.  It's rare I laugh, let alone out loud, at repeatedly screwing up over and over.  I enjoy Moviestorm though; laughing at my idiocy is, I admit, rare in my life, and I can only attribute it to liking the software quite a great deal. 


I have a lot of practice to build up, and finessing skills to gain.  Not being a gamer or major techie, I admit I am fairly behind, however I look forward to all the learning and practice to put in.  I really look forward to grabbing a new computer and a full Moviestorm download and acquiring more knowledge and skills.


Onwards and upwards!



Let's get to the bottom of this mystery!

#2 Ben_S


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Posted 09 April 2015 - 12:18 PM

From a navigation point of view, if you get lost, there is an option to reset the view to the default position (on the little triangle menu beside the big button along the top, for the current view).

Also, if you are in the directors view, and you have a character placed on the set, you can double click on the portrait (in the character tray, bottom left above the timeline), and it should center on them.

Ben Sanders
Moviestorm Ltd

#3 tfish11



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Posted 29 April 2015 - 04:56 PM

Keep plugging away i was useless with Moviestorm but at long last i was able to get my head around it and now I can make films.

Don't give 

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