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UE4 Now Free

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#1 czechboysonic


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Posted 06 March 2015 - 01:49 AM

So ... Unreal Engine 4 is now free to all devs (with a 5% royalty payable on gross profits above $3000 USD per product).


Moviestorm 2.0 time ? I used to love MS (even if I was never THAT active on forums, as evidenced by the measly 300-odd posts count despite being a 'Pioneer') but haven't used it in a few years now (and not just because having twin toddlers means my 'free' time is severly limited, I have barely enough 'free time' left to myself to play GTA-V once or twice a week when the kids have gone to bed).


It's looking increasingly 'dated' and development pace seems to crawl ever slower every year. Would a 'reboot' to using UE4 be the 'shot in the arm' MS needs to 'resurrect' what - at least to me - seems an increasingly 'irrelevant' piece of tech, no matter how fondly I think back to the early days (especially when you consider the 'competition' in terms of things like Source filmmaker) ?


Thoughts ... from the 'regulars' and MS staff alike ... would be appreciated !

#2 mattzart30


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Posted 06 March 2015 - 10:57 PM

It would be exciting if such a big paradigm shift (or any major development) were in the works, but it doesn't seem like that is likely to be the case based on the current frequency and content of updates, which are more in line with patches and tweaks.   Not to diminish the importance of such, many of the changes in the last year have long been popular wishlist items and have added some much needed versatility and stability.   For my own part, given my somewhat limited skillset in this area, MS is still the best solution for me based on what I've tried elsewhere.  I find it much easier to use even if it is more limiting in some ways, but that is a big selling point.  It would be great if the MS wrapper could take advantage of one of these gaming engines -- it just seems highly unlikely that it will come to pass unless there is a loud-and-clear consumer mandate for such.   We can hope!

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