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Lesson ideas - physical education and health

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Posted 13 March 2011 - 01:51 PM

We're putting together various ideas for how teachers can use Moviestorm in the classroom. We'd love your feedback on these - which ones work, which don't, how could they be improved, and so on. If you've actually tried any of these, let us know how it went.

And of course, please contribute any of your own!

Create a video explaining the rules of a sport. Intercut presented sequences with video footage of the sport being played. An option for more complex sports is to explain a single rule (e.g. the offside rule). Overlay the official rules as text on the screen.
Benefits: this demonstrates a clear understanding of the sport and familiarity with its laws. Using video footage allows students to explore sports they may not be able to play (e.g. bobsleigh, speedway racing, or martial arts). Explaining the rules requires clear, concise presentation skills. Students may wish to create celebrity lookalikes as presenters in order to get more engaged with the subject matter.

Create a biography of a sports star or sports team. Intercut presented sequences with stills, on-screen text and video.
Benefits: multimedia presentation requires students to do detailed research and blend the different elements into a presentation.

Sports debate
Create a TV-style discussion on a sports theme. This could be a future or past sporting event, or a topic such as the use of drugs in sport, a rule change, pay equality for men and women, sports funding, and so on.
Benefits: this can be done as a group project where the students have to reflect different points of view. If done as a solo project, the student will demonstrate that they can appreciate all sides of the debate.

Health information
Create a public information program about the benefits of a good diet (or any other similar positive practice such as smoking cessation, drug avoidance, or regular exercise). Do it as a documentary style and intercut presentation with video, stills and text, or else present the topic in story form.
Benefits: this allows the students to think creatively about how to get that message across to others in a way that means something to them. Some may prefer to concentrate on the facts, while others will adopt a more emotional or personal approach.

Sexual health
Create a public information film about a topic such as AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, or family planning. This can focus on instructions such as how to get a check-up, legal issues, or discussion of the issues.
Benefits: by approaching it in this manner, it allows students to discuss the issues without stigma or embarrassment. They can put forward points of view without having to appear on screen or in front of a live class. It also allows them to approach the material in the manner they feel most comfortable, and it adds an element of light-heartedness into the topic without taking away from the seriousness of it.

The Moviestorm Team

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