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How to film a Holograohic Meeting

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Posted 23 August 2014 - 02:38 PM

For my scifi series I have been using green screens for some of my shots to create 3d holograms.

The Problem:
You have to spend considerable time merging the green screen and the regular shot for lighting, camera angles, etc... Also, i feel limited about the number and type of camera shots that I could do.

The Solution:

1)Film the scene in the set with all the actors, dialogue, and cameras that you want in the final shot

2) copy the scene to another one and you may call it scenename_greenscreen

3) goto to 1) and hide all the characters with the hide function that will be holograms, and record the scene

4) goto to 2) and green screen all the set, the props everything and hide the characters visible in 1). Make the only thing visible the characters that are holograms on 1). Record the scene

Now you have two identical scene, same camera, same dialogue but one has a visible set with the physical actors there and the other one is all green with the only thing visible are the characters that will be holograms.

Now go to your video editor and chroma key scene 2) on scene 1). The lighting will be correct and all the camera angles no matter how fancy will be perfect.

You could do the same for a ghost scene or a scene where the character has a special effect or size or filter.

I was trying to figure out how to shoot this like real life when it ocured to me that I could reshoot the same identical scene while hiding characters and making everything green..

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