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Ever wondered why a nav-mesh didn't work?

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#1 ArthurVKuhrmeier


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Posted 13 January 2013 - 07:10 AM

Hello ladies, hi guys,

whenever you create props with a navigable mesh I give you this advice after hours of despair: blink.gif

1. (In your 3D app) Add an extra plane to your prop for the nav-mesh. Do not use other materials of your prop as a nav-mesh. Note: It may work in some cases, but will complicate things with larger props. You should apply a UV map, tiled exactly 1m x 1m. This will make it easier texturing the nav-mesh in MS.

2. (In the file browser) Create a new folder within the MS AddOn folder with the name of your addon. Add a folder "Data", then a folder "Props", finally a folder naming your new addon. E.g. it will look like this: "AddOn/Farming/Data/Props/Farm House". Copy all the ".csf", ".cmf" and ".crf" files into the last folder ("Farm House"). Add a folder "Textures" if needed containing the textures for your prop.

3. (In modder's workshop) Create a new template. Its name will show up in the Set Workshop prop list.

4. Add a new part beginning with the nav-mesh in slot 0. The name of the parts appear if your prop is selected. If you have more than one nav-mesh add the next one in slot 1 etc. My nav-mesh didn't work because the slot number was higher than of the prop parts. So best, add them first. Remember to select "Invisible to camera" for the nav-mesh material.

5. Add the other meshes as parts, increasing the slot number. If you have meshes for the same section of your prop assign the same slot number, e.g. if you have a house with different roofs they will all share the same slot number.

6. After you entered the name for a part, you can add the mesh and its materials. Only now can you make copies of the materials to add a popup allowing you to choose a material in the Set Workshop. Save the part! Note: I won't explain materials here, there are other posts about that.

7. (Quit MS) To add an empty choice (e.g. no roof for directing) create a text file with this content:
  <name>Name of the part</name>    <<< change name
  <slot>Slot#</slot>               <<< enter slot number

The filename must be "Name of the part.part" and the thumbnail will be "Name of the part.jpg". Create a jpg and copy it into the folder "thumbs".

8. (In modder's workshop) Select the template you created in step 3. In the list you'll see all the slots and the parts created for each slot. The parts you select will be the default shape of your prop. If your nav-mesh(es) are covering other parts you may not be able to change the material. In this case select the empty part (step 7) for the nav-mesh slot. This way you can change the materials in the Set Workshop and choose the nav-mesh afterwards.

9. Remember to save your template. Now login with your modder's license and publish your addon.

10. Test all aspects of your new prop and if something goes wrong yell for help in the forum laugh.gif.

Happy modding,
Arthur smile.gif

#2 Ben_S


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:10 PM

I would suggest that step 3 is unnecessary - create the template in step 8 when you are choosing the default parts.
Ben Sanders
Moviestorm Ltd

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