Release notes - Version 1.7

Build Number: 30728

Release version: Moviestorm 1.7


New features

  • Moviestorm now has a memory monitor in the top right, which shows what proportion of available heap space is being used, and if garbage collection is happening frequently.

  • Modder's workshop Retexture Wizard now allows retexturing of parts based objects - select a part in the master browser and right click and select retexture.

  • Dialogue lines and Play Sound activities now show the filename for the audio file.

  • When inserting time, extra time can be added to held prop containers or gesture containers, to extend future gestures too.

  • Time can now be removed from the timeline if nothing is happening.

  • Added a Facial Expression customizer, an alternative to using a Mood Change, which allows you to change the facial expression only.

  • Moviestorm should now function on case sensitive file systems.

  • Load backup versions of a movie now has a tick box rather than a separate load button, and works for movies not stored in the default place.

  • Motion Path activities now have an option to change between constant speed, and having a smooth start and stop (the previous default).

  • When selecting 'Gesture' with an existing gesture sequence that is unfinished, open the existing gesture sequence rather than creating a new one.

  • Moviestorm Launcher redesigned.

  • The default viewpoint for looking at a scene now works the same as centering the viewpoint.

  • The viewpoint position when looking at a scene is now kept after going to the Cutting Room and back.

  • The viewpoint position when looking at a scene is now kept after saving and reloading your movie. It is also saved with a stock set.

  • Using the mousewheel over the timeline now zooms the timeline in or out.

  • Dragging part of the timeline that does not have any activities will change which part of the timeline is visible (without changing the time).

  • Content pack names now sorted when shown in the requirements for loading a movie, on the Load Movie screen.

  • The settings Graphics panel now lets one choose how many lights can affect any object. Previously only 4 lights (three plus the sun) could illuminate something. Using a high value all the time can slow your framerate down - you might want to just turn it up for rendering.

  • When adding a filter in the Cutting Room, you can now choose a preset when applying the filter to all clips.


Resolved issues

  • File browsers remember recent folders, even if you canceled the browsing.

  • Addons from the pre-1.0 version of Moviestorm now work when installed in the user Addon folder.

  • Walk cycle names are shown in sorted order.

  • Fix for a problem where videos could not be added to the clip bin in the Director's View (after they had been added in the Cutting Room view)

  • Trying to create a plain black image to add to the timeline (in the Cutting Room) now produces a black image rather than a white one.

  • Memory leak relating to buttons in the clip bins in the Cutting Room fixed.

  • Memory leaks relating to the script editor have been fixed.

  • Better removal of old movies from memory.

  • Warning message when old movies have not been removed from memory correctly to advise a restart.

  • The camera lens slider now shows the lens length based on selected real world camera details.

  • Sliders with numbers on should be easier to read now.

  • Fix for some lookat animation snapping that was occuring during improvised looking at the person who was talking.

  • Taking a camera snapshot now works even if the movie name includes an apostraphy.

  • Fix for an issue which changed the texture border of a screen when playing video on a different, similar, screen

  • Scrubbing is a lot faster in some situations.

  • Deleting clips (video and audio) from the Cutting Room, now also deletes the related files from your saved movie (if you save it).

  • When displaying the amount of time available to delete, always round it down so that typing in that amount always works.

  • Fix for a bug that can prevent the Cutting Room from loading, if an image was previously taken from a drive that is no longer available.

  • When updating the recent folders list (after choosing a file), make sure it saves.

  • Fixed some issues caused by converting filenames to lowercase in languages with different uppercase/lowercase mappings to English (such as Turkish).

  • Sorted the different templates when displaying lots of templates for a prop (doors needed this most).

  • When determining which content packs are used by a character, it is now correctly determining which pack any decals that are used are in, rather than just including all packs that had decals.

  • The prop browser can be hidden by clicking it's button again.

  • Images on the Load Movie screen are now reduced to the size shown on the buttons, rather than kept in memory at full size. This could use up a lot of memory if one had a lot of saved movies in the default save folder.

  • Changing the gait of a character that was walking through a door no longer fails depending on where the timeline marker is.




Build Number: 30728

Release version: TownBuildings for Moviestorm 1.7


New features

  • The doors matching those for the Town Buildings now have tintable architraves.




Build Number: 30728

Release version: Filters01 for Moviestorm 1.7


New features

  • Changed some filter presets. The Red Cutout and Night Time filters have better named presets with more usable values.




Build Number: 30728

Release version: ModdersWorkshop for Moviestorm 1.7.0


New features

  • Updated door templates from TownBuildings.

  • Updated Cartoon Tree template.



Build Number: 30728


Release version: CartoonWorld for Moviestorm 1.7


New features

  • Cartoon Tree is now scalable.

Moviestorm 1.7.1

Build Number: 31034

New features

  • The prop customizer allows you to detach a prop from its parent or children props, so it can be moved or deleted separately
  • Content pack meshpacks are only assigned memory when the content pack is first used; this should substantially reduce the likelihood of running out of address space for people using a lot of content packs.
  • Movie scenarios and stock sets can now have a list of content packs that are needed to load them.
  • Support for Courtyards and Metropolis content packs.

Resolved issues

  • Shadows should work correctly on props that have a texture transformation (and on the Dance floor)
  • Rescaling the Nav Mesh should work better (previously it didn't scale the walkable bit for purposes of connecting to the floor)
  • Playing the drum kit should work correctly after reloading the movie (the drumkit and drummer were vanishing in the Cutting Room and Render)
  • Camera UI now works after replacing the set with a different set from stock.
  • Modder's workshop default gesture names now begin with Gestures/ so that they correctly appear in the gesturizer
  • Modder's workshop addon filter should work with our published addons that have components in the ModdersWorkshop addon


Base01 1.7.1

Build Number: 31034

New features

  • Previews for new content packs


Modders Workshop 1.7.1

Build Number: 31034

New features

  • Templates and meshes for new content packs