Moviestorm Max

The full suite of movie-making tools plus 39 content packs. Whether amateur or professional, and no matter what movie genre, Moviestorm Max delivers all you need at an amazing price!

Moviestorm Themes

A collection of themed products, each containing the full suite of movie-making tools and some carefully selected content packs to support a variety of film and TV genres. All at a price you can easily afford!

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Single User Education Licenses

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Can I buy this for staff at my business?

Yes! You are allowed to use Moviestorm in any business, and you own any movies you create with the software.

If you would like to put the software in the hands of a lot of staff and would like to find out about the benefits of an Institutional license, please contact, and we will be happy to assist you with your requirements.


I am in Education. Can I get a discount?

Yes! We provide a significant discount to all educational institutions and charities, for both multiple and single license aquisitions.

Fill in this short Multiple User Education license request form for your institution. Following that, you will be contacted by one of our sales team to manage your educational license requirements.

Both teachers and students qualify for a Single User Education license. Go to the Buy page and click Proceed to fill in a short request form.


Where can I get more content packs?

Our Content Packs Marketplace allows you to buy or rent further content packs.

In addition to the packs in the Marketplace, there are loads of mods available from other Moviestorm users. They're generally free, but some users may charge you.


What's Content rental?

Instead of buying Content Packs, you can choose to rent them by the month for just a few Moviestorm Points (MSPs). A pack that costs 2000 MSPs to buy costs only 200 MSPs for a month. This is useful if you only need a pack for a few scenes or a single movie, or if you just want to try before you buy. All of our first-party Content Packs are also available for a 7-day trial.


Do you store my credit card number and personal details?

NO. When you make a payment to us (Short Fuze Limited), you’ll be redirected to PayPal’s secure payment system.

All the data you enter on their site is encrypted before being sent from your browser to their server.

They do not send us any of the details you enter on their site, and we do not store any of your private payment information (such as credit card numbers).

If you have a recurring subscription and need to update your credit card details you should log in to your PayPal account and change the details there.