Moviestorm Max is the ideal collection for any level of movie-maker to create animated videos, from action to documentaries, children's television to music video, and more. For pre-vis or feature-length movies, for videoblogs or business messages, for machinima or simply just for creative fun, Moviestorm Max delivers it all.

Contents include:

  • Full Movie Studio
  • Modders Workshop
  • Base content and 39 additional content packs

Moviestorm Max

  1. Perpetual license (Download): $225.00
  2. Perpetual license (Box Edition): $225.00+(P&P)

Send someone Moviestorm as a gift!
Select the Box Edition, specify the delivery address during the checkout process, then before confirming the purchase tick the gift option. In the box, the recipient will receive an Activation Key, to be used during registration to claim their licence.

You'll be able to specify this purchase as a gift (and specify a different delivery address, if you wish) during the checkout process.

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What do I get, and how do I get it?

You are buying a Moviestorm license. It will be associated with your Moviestorm account.

In order to use your license, download and install Moviestorm, and login to the Launcher. The Launcher will then manage downloading and installing any content your license provides, as well as any software updates. If you have already installed Moviestorm, just start the software and login again.


Do you store my credit card number and personal details?

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