Moviestorm Modding 

Moviestorm contains thousands and thousands of assets, from simple scene props, to interactive, animated and help props, to characters and character animations.

However, we fully acknowledge that we cannot possibly provide everything for everyone, all of the time. So in response to our user's demands, we created a Modders Workshop, that enables you to create what you want, and import it into Moviestorm for use in your films.

What is more, you can get a Publisher License, and use it to create saleable mods, to share with other Moviestorm users.

What is modding?

Modding is the term used when a user modifies the content within Moviestorm (props, environments, animations, textures, etc.) so that they are able to use their own models, images or animations.

At a very basic level, this may include changing the image on a poster so that it displays artwork that the user has created.

Moviestorm is also able to use models created in 3rd party 3D graphics software, such as Autodesk's 3D Studio Max, Google Sketchup, Blender and Milkshape amongst others. This means that if you can use 3D modelling and animation tools, you can create your own content for use within Moviestorm.

We also allow you to customise the our assets available in Moviestorm to fit your own projects, and provide tutorials and guidance on how to do so.


How do I start?

We provide a number of video tutorials for all levels of modder. From the basic modding of changing on-set images, through intermediate Sketchup importing, right up to modding props and animations.

Beyond basic modding, you will need a Modder's License to publish your own content from the Modder's Workshop.

Find out how to get a Modder's License

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Modding Tutorials 

Basic Modding

Tutorial 1 - Importing images

Intermediate Modding

Tutorial 2 - Importing Sketchup

Advanced Modding 1

Tutorial 3 - Scene props
Tutorial 4 - Gestures
Tutorial 5 - Held props

Advanced Modding 2

Tutorial 6 - Costumes
Tutorial 7 - Accessories
Tutorial 8 - Animations

Modding Assets

To complete the advanced modding tutorials you will need to download the skeleton files for your chosen 3D package, plus a suitable cal3D exporter.

3DS Max 2008


FBX Format

Collada (DAE)



Cal3D exporter for 3DS Max 2008