Advanced Modding 1

Using other 3D packages

In the following videos, we'll talk you through converting your own 3D models so that they can be used in Moviestorm.

These tutorials are aimed at the more advanced users, and assume that you have a basic knowledge of 3D before starting. Our art team use 3D Studio Max to generate our models, so all of the tutorials in this section will start in Max, before being converted in the Modders Workshop for use within Moviestorm (visit the forums to find out how to convert models from different 3D packages).

Tutorial 3 - Scene Props 


In this first Advanced Modding Tutorial we are going to take a look at the processes involved in getting a simple prop out of 3DS Max 2008 and into Moviestorm via the Modders Workshop.


Tutorial 4 - Gestures

In this second Advanced Modding Tutorial, we'll take a look at how to export a gesture from 3D Studio Max so that it can be used in Moviestorm, and accessed from the Gestures Library.


Tutorial 5 - Held Props

In this third Advanced Modding Tutorial, we'll show how to export a prop from 3D Studio Max so that our characters will be able to interact with the prop in a Moviestorm Scene.


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Modding costumes, accessories and animations

Advanced Modding 2: Tutorials 6, 7 and 8

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Modding Tutorials 

Basic Modding

Tutorial 1 - Importing images

Intermediate Modding

Tutorial 2 - Importing Sketchup

Advanced Modding 1

Tutorial 3 - Scene props
Tutorial 4 - Gestures
Tutorial 5 - Held props

Advanced Modding 2

Tutorial 6 - Costumes
Tutorial 7 - Accessories
Tutorial 8 - Animations

Modding Assets

To complete the advanced modding tutorials you will need to download the skeleton files for your chosen 3D package, plus a suitable cal3D exporter.

3DS Max 2008


FBX Format

Collada (DAE)



Cal3D exporter for 3DS Max 2008