Advanced Modding 2 

Tutorial 6 - Costumes 

In the following tutorial, we'll outline the process of exporting a costume from 3D Studio Max into Moviestorm, via the Modders Workshop.

By using this type of workflow, you can use similar techniques to get your own costumes from your 3D package of choice into Moviestorm, for truely unique characters.


Tutorial 7 - Accessories

In the following tutorial, we show the process of exporting some character accessories (in the shape of a bracelet and a hat) from 3D Studio Max. This tutorial explains how to get the assets into Moviestorm via the Modders  Workshop.


Tutorial 8 - Animations

This tutorial guides you through the process of exporting character animations from 3D Studio Max and importing them into Moviestorm via the Modders Workshop.


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Modding Tutorials 

Basic Modding

Tutorial 1 - Importing images

Intermediate Modding

Tutorial 2 - Importing Sketchup

Advanced Modding 1

Tutorial 3 - Scene props
Tutorial 4 - Gestures
Tutorial 5 - Held props

Advanced Modding 2

Tutorial 6 - Costumes
Tutorial 7 - Accessories
Tutorial 8 - Animations

Modding Assets

To complete the advanced modding tutorials you will need to download the skeleton files for your chosen 3D package, plus a suitable cal3D exporter.

3DS Max 2008


FBX Format

Collada (DAE)



Cal3D exporter for 3DS Max 2008