Moviestorm uses the open source Cal3D system for their models and animation files.

The key file types and their uses are:


.cmf - Cal3D binary mesh format.

This contains one or more 3D ‘submesh’ definitions.  Each of the submeshes contains the verticies and face definitions that make up the mesh, as well as mapping information for the textures used, and weighting information to link verticies to bone movements for animation.  Reasons to split a model into multiple submeshes are to apply a different material to each, or to manage reusable submeshes.


.cmf - Cal3D binary mesh format

Moviestorm models (bodyparts/props) are made up of one or more submeshes, located in one or more .cmf files.  ‘.cmf’ files typically are found in the base directory (the one named for the asset) of props and bodyparts.


crf - Cal3D binary materials format

Used to jumpstart the material settings in the modder’s workshop, but the data specified in this file can be overridden in the .template produced in the workshop.  Each submesh is associated with a numbered material, Moviestorm uses the convention of ending the base name of a materials file with the associated number, in square brackets (e.g. material 0 for a prop named ‘cube.cmf’ might be ‘cube_ [0].crf’).  ‘.crf’ files typically are found in the base directory (the one named for the asset) of props and bodyparts.


.csf - Cal3D binary skeleton format

This contains an ordered list of bones, with their parent/child relationships.  Moviestorm requires .csf files for props, if you don’t have one in your prop directory, the modshop will not show it.  For non-animated props, the actual file can be any valid skeleton file.  Bodypart (Heads/Costumes/Accessories/Hair) directorys seem to share common skeletons - a Male01 Skeleton and a Female01 Skeleton  This common skeleton allows any (fe)male animation to work with any (fe)male character.  Prop ‘.csf’ files typically are found in the base directory (the one named for the asset), but can be located higher up if a common .csf is used for multiple props.


.caf - Cal3D binary animation format

This contains the moves and rotations of a set of bones, over time.  Applying these bone motions to deform the verticies in the .cmf file provide animation for the model.  For props ‘.caf’ files typically are found in ‘Animations’ subdirectories.


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Modding Tutorials 

Basic Modding

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Intermediate Modding

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Advanced Modding 1

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Advanced Modding 2

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Modding Assets

To complete the advanced modding tutorials you will need to download the skeleton files for your chosen 3D package, plus a suitable cal3D exporter.

3DS Max 2008


FBX Format

Collada (DAE)



Cal3D exporter for 3DS Max 2008