Poly Counts

Guidelines for poly counts

Poly counts are a very important thing to understand when putting your own assets in to Moviestorm via Sketchup or similar import.

While hundreds of thousands of polys can make things nice and smooth, as Moviestorm displays models in real-time, they can also cripple your scene as your processor gives up trying to make light bounce off so many surfaces at 30fps. So, before you convert any old thing from the Google warehouse, have a good look at its polycount and check that it is designed for realtime use and not for high res still frame rendering. There is a polygon counter in the Descriptor panel of the Modders Workshop that shows you how many polygons are contained within your objects.

As a rough guide go for the following or lower, numbers are in tri’s not quads and these are not specific to any Moviestom prop, just a guesstimate:

  • Character (full costume, face and hair) - 10,000
  • Basic Table - 200
  • Vase of flowers high res - 500
  • Vase of flowers low res (for background dressing) - 150
  • Sofa - 750
  • Gun - 250
  • Building high res - 1000
  • Building low res (background) - 100
  • Car high res- 2500
  • Car low res - 750

Maintaining a similar poly count to existing assets promotes continuity as well as a smooth running scene.

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Modding Tutorials 

Basic Modding

Tutorial 1 - Importing images

Intermediate Modding

Tutorial 2 - Importing Sketchup

Advanced Modding 1

Tutorial 3 - Scene props
Tutorial 4 - Gestures
Tutorial 5 - Held props

Advanced Modding 2

Tutorial 6 - Costumes
Tutorial 7 - Accessories
Tutorial 8 - Animations

Modding Assets

To complete the advanced modding tutorials you will need to download the skeleton files for your chosen 3D package, plus a suitable cal3D exporter.

3DS Max 2008


FBX Format

Collada (DAE)



Cal3D exporter for 3DS Max 2008