Assignment: The Blues

Create a music video using a 12-bar blues.


This template video was made in collaboration with a school in Oxfordshire. Students import a 12-bar blues to create their own video.


Suggested techniques

Take 12 bar blues lessons and integrate students work into a video. If you have a projector, this can be done live.

For teachers: benefits to students

  • This allows students to add their own blues music and learn about sound integration.
  • The same technique can be adapted to other standardised musical forms.


  • Ages 10+
  • Suitable for solo work, groups, or can be produced by teachers
  • Music

Downloadable resources

A template taking the role of a visualisation of blues focusing on the origins of the music. The students can record their own blues pieces and integrate it. Students could even play their music live while the video plays on a projector.


Click the link to download a Moviestorm movie template.

File size: 501KB


Installation instructions:

Download the file and extract the zip folder to this location:


Vista, Windows 7, Macs: [Username]/Moviestorm/Movies


Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/[Username]/Moviestorm/Movies

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