Assignment: Comprehension

Create short videos in a foreign language, and ask the students what was being said.



These two videos were created by Paul Carr as part of ESL teaching in Japan. There are three conversations in two parts. Part one has no sound. In pairs, students watch then make a conversation for one of the dialogs. They lipsync this while the video plays. In part two, the actual conversations are played and the students answer questions and fill in word gaps. This acts as test practice.


Suggested techniques

Create anything from a short dramatic piece to a news bulletin.

For teachers: benefits to students

  • This is a good way to demonstrate comprehension of spoken word, with the assistance of video.
  • This can sometimes be best created by teachers.
  • Teachers can create videos that their students will relate to: they can watch videos that use simple language that aren't childish.
  • This can work particularly well for teaching foreign students, as the teacher can create videos in their own language.


  • Ages 8+
  • Suitable for solo work; best created by teachers
  • Languages

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