Assignment: The History Game

Create a TV quiz show based on a specific theme, period, or topic.


Suggested techniques

Include picture and video rounds for added interest.

You can choose a variety of styles of quiz show: a single player against the clock, team games, and so on - copy your favorite show or make up your own format!

Use a variety of styles of question: they needn't be simple questions and answers. Try multiple choice, word games, or even charades.

Wrong answers make it more interesting.

Add appropriate background music to create atmosphere, and ensure you have a striking title sequence.

For teachers: benefits to students

  • Writing the questions is an entertaining way to do research.
  • Writing wrong answers and having them corrected is an excellent way for students to demonstrate that they are aware of common misconceptions. (For example, “who designed the first automobile?” “Henry Ford.” “No, he was responsible for the first mass-produced automobiles, but they had been around for a long time before then. Over to the other team for a bonus point.”)
  • This makes an excellent group project, particularly if the team game approach is used.


  • Ages 14+
  • Suitable for groups
  • History, politics, current affairs

Downloadable resources

A gameshow style template focused on the subject of history. Teachers or students can create questions relating to topics currently being studied. Full customizeability allows it to be used for any subject.

Click the link to download a Moviestorm movie template.

File size: 166KB


Installation instructions

Download the file and extract the zip folder to this location:

  • Vista, Windows 7, Macs: [Username]/Moviestorm/Movies
  • Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/[Username]/Moviestorm/Movies

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