Assignment: Interview Techniques

Create a short film demonstrating interview techniques.


This video was created by a teacher for an English class.


Suggested techniques

Pick one of several kinds of interviews: a TV studio style interview, an on the street interview with a reporter, or a job interview.

Show poor interview techniques as well as good techniques.

Show how to interview someone as well as how to be interviewed.

Add on-screen text to explain what technique is being demonstrated.

For teachers: benefits to students

  • It's a handy way to demonstrate a range of different techniques.
  • It's easier to review and discuss video of an interview than recalling an actual event.
  • Students can practice their interview techniques in privacy rather than having to speak in front of a class.
  • It allow students to simulate a wide range of different situations.


  • Ages 16+
  • Suitable for groups, or can be produced by teachers
  • English, Media, general career development

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