Assignment: Sexual Education

Create a public information program about a topic such as AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, gender identity issues, or family planning.

This can focus on instructions such as how to get a check-up, legal concerns, or discussion of the issues. 


 This video is part of a series of 21 short films about different types of contraception.

Suggested techniques

Do it as a documentary discussing the issue in depth.

Present the topic in story form, taking one person as an example.

Create a propaganda style film or advert.

Intersperse the presentation with still images and video if appropriate. You could do this as a studio presentation or lecture, and display the images on a screen behind the presenter, or else you can make the images go full-screen.

Add extra content on-screen by using text to complement what you're saying.

Add appropriate background music to create atmosphere, and ensure you have a striking title sequence to help people get interested from the start.

For teachers: benefits to students

  • This allows the students to think creatively about how to get that message across to others in a way that means something to them. Some may prefer to concentrate on the facts, while others will adopt a more emotional or personal approach.
  • By approaching it in this manner, it allows students to discuss the issues without stigma or embarrassment. They can put forward points of view without having to appear on screen or in front of a live class. It also allows them to approach the material in the manner they feel most comfortable, and it adds an element of light-heartedness into the topic without taking away from the seriousness of it.
  • Adding multimedia content enables the student to approach the subject in a richer way than just using written text and still images.
  • Finding images and music to enhance the presentation requires detailed research.
  • Providing narration builds confidence in speaking without needing to do it in front of an audience or camera.
  • Creating a multimedia presentation helps develop presentational skills and requires the student to consider what information is best presented using the different media: spoken, written, or visual.


  • Ages 16+
  • Suitable for groups
  • Sexual or health education

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