Assignment: The News From Abroad

Present the news in a foreign language.

imageSuggested techniques

You can pick a single story and cover it in depth, or a series of shorter news reports to make up a news show.

Pick a story about the country whose language you are learning.

Intersperse the presentation with still images and video if appropriate. You could do this as a studio presentation or lecture, and display the images on a screen behind the presenter, or cut away to reporters in the field, interviews, and video segments.

Add extra content on-screen by using text to complement what you're saying.

For teachers: benefits to students

  • The student is required to demonstrate fluency with the words required to describe topical events.
  • The student has to find out a little about the country they're learning about. Their choice of story can then lead on to classroom discussion.
  • Dramatic reconstruction makes for a good group project.
  • Adding multimedia content enables the student to approach the subject in a richer way than just using written text and still images.
  • Creating a multimedia presentation helps develop presentational skills and requires the student to consider what information is best presented using the different media: spoken, written, or visual.


  • Ages 14+
  • Suitable for groups
  • Languages

Downloadable resources

A single news presenter in a T.V studio style set ready to give a the news bulletin of your choice. Simply record your work and customize the movie however you wish.


Click the link to download a Moviestorm movie template.

File size: 237KB


Installation instructions:

Download the file and extract the zip folder to this location:


Vista, Windows 7, Macs: [Username]/Moviestorm/Movies


Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/[Username]/Moviestorm/Movies

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