About Moviestorm

Moviestorm is opening up the world of digital animation to a worldwide mass market of predominantly young amateurs with little or no experience. We are offering an affordable suite of market-leading products that are fun and easy to use, which inspire people to do more, and which combine to form a full-featured movie-making environment.

We want a million kids to make a movie, purely for the fun of it!

Moviestorm was founded in 2003 by Cambridge entrepreneurs Matt Kelland and Dave Lloyd. They began researching into emerging forms of media, and in particular, innovative ways in which game technology could be applied to non-game environments and media. In summer 2004, they began to focus on the field of Machinima. Their debut demo film, No Licence, received critical acclaim, and has been regularly shown at film festivals, game conferences, art installations and on television worldwide ever since. Building on this experience, Matt and Dave co-authored Machinima, with Dave Morris, (Ilex 2005) the first general interest book on the subject.

In autumn 2005, Moviestorm received investment from a consortium of private and institutional investors in order to found Moviestorm Limited and develop the Moviestorm community and the Moviestorm application.

Since then, the team has continued to grow, and has raised further funds to continue development of Moviestorm.