Build Your Set

Basic Features

  • Get going quickly with our library of ready-to-use stock sets, including interiors, exteriors, and even spaceships!
  • Customise the stock sets or build your own from scratch
  • Save your sets and re-use them in other movies
  • Buy more props and sets from the Moviestorm store

Customisation Options

  • Use the customisable complete buildings or assemble your own
  • Tintable textures for walls, floors and ceilings
  • Fully animated doors and transparent windows
  • Add your own images to pictures, posters, etc.
  • Resize, modify and recolour props to create unique variants
  • Place props at any angle - no square grids!
  • Add videos to TV and computer screens
  • Animated textures bring props to life
  • Multiple skies give you night, day, sunset, etc
  • Add lens flare from the sun
  • Fully controllable ambient and directional lights
  • Add extra lighting with on-set lights, including streetlights, table lamps, moving spotlights, lasers, and concert lighting rigs
  • Switch shadows on or off for different effects
  • Add background sounds and sound effects
  • Quickly create unique sets by pasting photographic images onto backdrops
  • You can change your set, even in the middle of making a movie

Advanced Features

  • Greenscreen floors and backdrops make it easy to combine Moviestorm footage with other video sources
  • Share your stock sets with other Moviestorm users
  • Import items from Google Sketchup (requires Modder's Workshop - currently in beta)
  • Create your own props and set dressing using standard 3D modelling tools (requires Modder's Workshop - currently in beta)